Arcane U. Works on Paper Review


  1. Dude, that’s my pedestal. I want it back.

  2. I didnt get in either Did they look at my art. What can we do with this?

  3. theoldartblog = EVIL. Those two ladies obviously have it in for me, they’ve never reviewed me once! And my work is SO MUCH BETTER than anything else out there.

    Same goes for every gallery in town!!!! They obviously have been talking to each other about me, I’ve been blacklisted!!!

    There can be no other explanation, since my work is clearly THE BEST.

    I paid good money for my MFA, WHY AREN’T YOU SHOWING ME??????

    I also don’t understand WHY I CAN’T GET A DATE, and why girls always go out with no-talent losers instead of me. They’re obviously talking to each other. Is it my hair? I’ve already had it cut twice this year.


    IT iS A CONSPIRACY!!!!!!!!!!

    Plus, I love you. Did I mention that?


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