On Vacation Tomorrow


  1. Hi Balless Wonderkunds,

    Why didn't you publish my other comment? I want you to so everybody knows i am frenz wit you. You are so f'n great, the design of your snog, your amazing way wit words, your overall concept is truly shitified!!!!!!!!

    If you don't publish this we will dung eaters.

    Tim the Turd, I mean 3rd.

  2. This is Hollin Reefer and we thought we were your frenz. Butt you haven't mentioned us and our wittle gallery in Mountain Fairy. You knw the one that's one one day a month because I have a day gig where I text and sext all day long.

    We demand your attention and it betta be soon you retro, lame, no-skill piece-o-shitolas.

    If you don't publish this we will and from now on we will start using real name oh brilliant losers.

  3. i want to vacation wit u


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