Artblahg Has This Link Too. Fuck 'em.


  1. Dear Pencil Tool Wielding PS 101 Nobrain Wittle Wannabees

    Artbla*g welcome all to publish their sh*t in their Plug Hole, which was especially manufactured to accept anything that relates to an event or show by anyone who asks. That's called democrassy, a word you and your frenz still need a lesson on duh!!!!!! Unlike your insider list of free banner ad a-holes that you lick without their permission which is criminal.

    And the real artbla*g doesn't name real names unless folks ax em to. Unlike you tiny turd stained do nuttin but cry and post 6 year old level images and bad typography. But don't worry, you can git better!!!!!!

    Lovvvvveeee ya!!!!!!!!!! H+H

  2. yeah. sounds good. you didnt like those images? We don't really care. We didn't like them either.

  3. Here is a challenge that any dotard could handle except for you geniuses. Take off the names of Harry and Harrietta and put yours or any made up thing you can't think of. And fill in the blank spot where the the is suppose to go wit some type that matches what's there now. Haaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U SUCK!!!!!!

  4. Harrie and HarriettahApril 23, 2010 at 3:20 PM

    Dear Harry & Harrietta,

    Let's all change our names to Harry & Harrietta!


    Harry & Harrietta

  5. That would hurt, in a Being John Malkovich way. You know, the scene where he takes a little 15 minute vacation in his own brain.

    Actually it’s probably a pretty good analogy for what goes on in H&H’s solipsistic brainpan.

  6. U aren't even amatuer level art titz. Is this what you learned at Tyler for 6 yearz of your parentz money yo? Maybe we will send this shitblahg to dem and see what they think Shaun Baer, Jung Kyu Kim, Dustin Metz, Austin Le, woaaaaa eeeeeeeehhh and u other loserz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How are your art careers goin? Don't see much on your webshitz. Your work looks like high school kidz, and not the top-o-dee class either. The subject matter makez us puke. Tyr going out into the big world and see how yous faire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a f'n joke yous all are.

    lovvvveeeeeeeeeeee ua loserz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. solipsistic

    This is the favortie word of timmy gierschick know the one who does the Lancaster County art of hex signz. He is a sunday painter, he does his work after church once a weak. Really hot shit. Can't get a dam thing happening outside of his Tiger Strikes Asteroids thangie. Another fillytowne joke that is mad because wee rightly mentioned his sorry ass. Maybe it is time to review each one of the aforementioned b-headz on our blahg where everyone visits everyday cause wee are shit hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. If he were the only one who knew the word, it wouldn’t be a word, now, would it? Grow up, little baby. You can’t figure out who I am based solely on my middling command of the english language. Though it’s neat to know who you REALLY hate, since you mistake everyone online for them.


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