Artist We Like: Susan Collis


In Conversation: Susan Collis and Brett Littman

Open Forum presents a conversation between Drawing Center director Brett Littman and 2010 Armory Show artist Susan Collis, whose work involves the meticulous re-creation of everyday objects with unlikely materials.

Time: 2:00 - 3:00 PM
Location: The Armory Show, Open Forum Lounge, Pier 92

We'll be there rockin' our Denver Nuggets hats.


  1. I bet the artist that you're celebrating are just ssoooooooo happy that a bunch of losers like you are saying how great they are, like you have a clue about what is good. All you do is post images you find and use the wittle pencil tool and other PS 101 techniques to make a statement, har f'n har????

    And the big institutions that you use real names for are going to be so impressed when they do a search and see this turd of a snog!!!!! OMG!!!!!

    Or maybe they're like you and will do anything to get a mention. Either way, once they see this pitiful excuse for content they are never cummin back.



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