Happy President's Day!


  1. An email has been sent to everyone who has a banner ad on this ugly, useless site that uses the manes of upstanding organizations who will be horrified to see you are using their good names to generate web hits for your unworthy blog. Take this site down now before you find yourself in a shit load of trouble. ArtistCitizens

  2. Trouble? For using their manes? No way.

    Here are some informative links you may be interested in:

    It's how the internet works.

  3. You will see. It isn't just a matter of legality, although you are using logos without permission, but your reputations as young artists will be irreparably damaged when people find out who you are. This blog is very badly done on every level, and we are being kind.

    You are not acting in any way to better anything the way a serious activist would, and are instead bringing down the images of organizations that have worked hard to associate their brand with quality.

  4. If anyone would like their link removed (or, for that matter, added) please email us at: likesomeonecares@gmail.com


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