1. Whatz a madder, got you tongue stuck on a frosty pole??? This gun thing is completely juvenile which sums up everything about you except for the sick sado comments that sounds a lot like somebody from Tunnelpages. Plus you only post every few weeks because you are sooooooo f'n lazy just like them because you have day jobs like nobody else has to make a livin. Then there's that other dudette gershits who's frenz wit you, writs nice thingz bout you and sits on top of your lame-o free banner ad piles. And what a sticky pile it is!!!!!! Wonder what the poor fools who runs these places think of having their real names and logos on a smellie slimy snog like this? What a town of losers. Take this empty blowghole down, that is if you can find the time even though it's been snowing and everybody's stuck in. Did that "stuck in" line turn you on too sicko???? Bet your girlfrend don't know you like it dat way!!!!!!!!!!!!


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