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The other day we heard about a new store opening in The Gallery; word is that it's located on level 3, just next to the well known Gallery for Learning. Just when we thought the only art we could buy at the mall was a Thomas Kinkade painting and a framed Magic Eye print, we realized that we already own a work of art - all it needed was some sculpting. Mild & Wild is a new grooming saloon that focuses on making our boring, run of the mill pets into artistic interpretations of the untouchable animals of the wild kingdom. A fad that originated in China, Canadians and Americans alike have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, opening artistic grooming shops in major cities all over North America.

We're told that the Mild & Wild project is being spearheaded by 3 graduates of Tyler's MFA program. It's about time we see our artistic community embracing the unconventional application of their skills, essentially making their art marketable to the common population.


  1. Again, theartblahg offers breaking news that no one else is covering.

    Mild & Wild is (house)breaking the mold of Jeff Koons Puppy and releasing the feral self within pet owners. This pet grooming is a post-post-modern form that's reconnected art and identity politics by transforming the ultimate reflection of ourselves, our domesticated pets, into masks of their real bloodthirsty cousins and ancestors.

  2. as i said from the beginning. no content+no substance+no brain+hate=no nuttin, like what u gotz. i knew u couldn't keep it up, thatz what your girl friend told me and she/he was right.

    the only thing that's funny here is the fact that the banner ad resipeeantz like being associated wit u retards. u all deserve each other and the smell u have to endure that u all helped create.

    anon like your brainz

  3. LOL. Did you get bored from not having any comments on your own blog?

    By the way, your little pet theories about banner ad payoffs are still pretty lame.

    Where you see conspiracy and payoffs, I see a venue that EVERYBODY buys advertising at, because it’s got the most traffic of any art blog in the Philadelphia region, and traffic from beyond for that matter. Feel free to dispute that, with sourceable statistics (like Alexa).

    Talk to any gallery/space about the value of advertising there - review or no review ( - and there are many advertisers who don’t get reviewed - ) and *ask* them if they pay with the expectation of getting reviews.

    HAVE you asked? Who have you asked? What evidence do you have beyond the vagaries of a rotating banner ad - which you evidently reload your browser until the offending ad is conveniently located next to the subject of your ire?

    You can toss your opinions around, but they’re not *facts*, and no amount of time pissing around in MS Paint will fix that fundamental problem for you.

  4. Oh and as far as the AIO show that your friend Nic is in, it looks like it got pretty good coverage in the mainstream cultural outlets. I didn’t attend so can’t comment, other than it looks like it was a great event. Again, I don’t think you need to read conspiracy theory into it. On top of being boring, it’s not accurate.

  5. Dear All 2 Of Yous

    The press u list for AIO is missing your artmumz, Shitypaper, Shillweakly and loads of other blogs and venues, we ask Y???!!!!! None of their frenz got in dat's y. We were the first to question this thang and have not endorsed it, but we do find the "death by ignoring" interesting.

    yeOLDEartsnog is completely unethical and everybody knowz it butt you establickdick sucking foolz here. Curating, judging, teaching, banner adz, the list goes on. We liv it when you lick them up and down, gross!!!!!!!! And oh yeah the pencil man is a f'n joke. Travcing photos for 70 hours a weak, plllleeezzzzzzzzz!!!!!!! Filly's finefarts.

    We won't be back till we feel like it. Until then all 2 of you can jerk each otherz pud. The posts u made sound they they are penned and deesigned in a mental institution. What brainless wonder. HArrrrheeeehararararara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anon like all 2 of you

  6. "Y???!!!!! None of their frenz got in dat's y”

    That is your argument in a nutshell. As the saying goes, you’re entitled to your own opinions, but you’re not entitled to your own facts :)

    Doodling on .jpgs is not evidence, and after ranting for, what, 8 months now? - Jesus! - you’ve not provided a shred of convincing evidence that anybody in this town is acting to exclude the truly meritorious. It’s always EXACTLY the same post, with the SAME arguments, with a different target/victim. Yawn.

    I still don’t see why you complain about us. We’re the only people who actually read you these days. But hey, you have my vote! Keep it up! It’s funny, but not the way you mean it to be :)

  7. Vince Romaniello, you are an idiot. BTW, this post is tops.

  8. Vince, you can't resist, can you? Look how you screwed Nic with your hate fueled rants. Looks like your frenz are suffering from your assholism.

  9. More hate from yous arttards, nice. Aren't happy draggin' down one artist cause he hasn't protested. Now u are going after a former educator and someone who has been part of the local arts scene for many, many years. Zero respect from your little art peckherd. But even using the word art in any way here is being way to generous. Where is your art? Is your hate your art? U are the perfect tool to be defending the creepz like your art mumz and the rest of the insiderz. The realartblahg has a mission and when they talk about artists or institutions there is a REASON, not hate.

    U r the lowest smelly curb life licking the clitzk of the establickshit. Mr. N will have to take care of himself as will all the others you hate on. But we know u have already experienced your Reckoning Day or u wouldn't be spreading your uglimess around, would ja scum?

    Anon like the stink that wafts around your disgusting talk holez

  10. Nice try, Vince.

    First, nobody seems to be hating on anybody here with the exception of hating on artblahg, which you write.

    I know you, and Nic too, and the above comment seemed to be about how you've screwed everyone one you're friends who are involved in the Philadelphia arts. I can honestly say by exposing your true self through artblahg you have made it clear to everyone who you are. That makes it difficult to look at someone who you're good friends with in the same way I did before you began artblahg. Certainly, it's possible that someone might not know you are such a hatemonger, but it's unlikely. The company you keep is telling, as you've written in every post you've published. Your mission of trying to get back at those who you perceive as having affronted you is a backfire.

    Don't you talk about frenz all the time?

    You are an untalented, self-righteous, misogynist asshole and now everyone knows the self-righteous, misogynist asshole part. For all your not eating meat and your 'community' involvement you've shown yourself to be nothing short of a Rush Limbaugh with a Napoleon complex.

    I'll wait for your unintelligible response, because there's no way you can control yourself, Romaniello.

  11. Here's a long trail of wet excrement for yous- smeraaaaaaaaaarrrrrrr ssskkidddddddd sliiimeeeeeeeee that smells like your hate. Why don't u just write your name here and get it over with, you paraphrase everything Robin Rice has ever said.

    You don't call dragging in innocents hate? What do you call it? You are trying to hurt someone that has nothing to do with us, again. Plus we have done nothing but expose the nasty truth about YOUS.

    But this is how fillytowne is made. You have already decided who your frenz are and these subjects of your hate or any of the people they know are not and have never been. So in a sense you are wasting your foul breath and tactics keeping them out, that is what you have been doing all along. But it does show how you work and that's all therealartblahg has been saying from day one. Thanks for showing any of the low life that visit this cesspool that what we have been saying is so true.

    Yous are the only ones that have been hurt and deservedly. You are paying for your sins with the decline of your so-called tiny careers and you will burn in hell for being on the wrong side of things. There's time to change your ugly ways, better start today cause you never know.

    Anon like Robin

  12. You’re funny.

  13. To everyone:
    We are providing an unfiltered venue for debate/arguing/bullshit. However, as we have requested (multiple times) before, please do not use real names in your comments. This goes for everyone.

    "You don't call dragging in innocents hate? What do you call it? You are trying to hurt someone that has nothing to do with us, again. Plus we have done nothing but expose the nasty truth about YOUS."
    Haven't you done this as well? Is everyone that you have attacked definitely an insider. You are a hypocrite- whoever you are.

  14. therealartblahg stands behind the criticism we level and have never gone after anyone for spite. If therealartblahg says they don't like someone's work then that how we feel. When we talk about problems we are doing the community a service. If you think the Pewwww and the PA Council of Sharks and banner ad payoffs are fine than so bee it. But we have the right to point that out and it's not personal. Sure we make fun of people but we don't hate on them, there is a difference ya know. But if you have been visiting therealartblahg and have any kind of recall powers at ch'all then you already know this duh.

    therealartblahg refrains from real names unless others like you awipes do. Go there and see how often we have used them since that bullshit stopped here and elsewhere. Robya Vice and a couple others are exceptions because they have clearly asked for their just desserts and have not changed their wicked ways. We consider them near criminals and will show no mercy. So Robin, we are not going away when it cums to you, hee!

    Anon like the admin girly gilrz

  15. "we level and have never gone after anyone for spite”

    OMFG. Dude, you have no idea how funny that sounds. Seriously.

  16. It is true that we are not motivated by spite like yous. That is all u r. U have no content, no mission, no nutz'in except hate. We do not like what has happened to the arts community sliding lower and deeper into the shithole of corruption. Simple, sí? But you love dee smell of losing. Fillytowne is D O N E and now u can roll around in the slime you artartds.

    Once we leave u can suck on dee stale air of nothingpiss that is now the fillytowne art scene that u helped make. Hope u like silence.

    Destroyed like Sodomites and Gorewhoras, like yous. Owww, yes, harder, browner, greasier, baybeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Um, yeah. Okay. Dude, you saying your content is spite-free is completely at odds with 8 months of your own words. You really, really need to step outside of yourself and look at your work with a little objectivity.

    I’ll grant that lately you’ve leveled off (a little), but the fact that you can actually write stuff like the above is evidence of your state of mind.

    You know, I mainly write here so people can see you write stuff like the gems above. It’s a more naked picture of what you’re really about. That you respond the way you do indicates that you really do have no clue what your words look like.

  18. THEartholez got nuttin'.

    A different Annon

  19. We got you, babe :)

  20. Score, IAMANON.

    Administrator, I hear what you're saying about not using names but we all know who writes artblahg, some of the commenters seem to know him personally, and I don't see any need to pretend it's not him.

    That said, of course I will respect your request.

  21. Oh! I was away for a minute and it seems as if Pinnie Loam and Jello (is that okay for disguising a name, Administrator?) is baaaaaack. I thought that he had taken a long vacation. Pinnie, you are really an ass-clown. You made me think that anyone who associates with you must be as malicious as you are and so guess what? Your behavior makes me judge the (i.e. Nic) differently. No matter how you try to play it, the fact remains that you have dragged your friends down with you, Pal.


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