Flashion Week

This week's theme is flash-photography-based art. Although it's not a new trend, it's one that's resurfaced recently in the media and we're impressed by the visual possibilities when a professional is given the proper utensils and training, and is able to fool our eyes with such ease. Many times, high-speed flash photography is a natural way to achieve the trompe l'oil effect without having to fuss too much over intent.

Think about ways that you can utilize your digital camera to give viewers an interesting bit of scenery without all of the expensive equipment required by actual photogs. Try chasing a pigeon in the park and see if you can catch it as it's fleeing the fountain at night. Maybe you can use the bathtub as your canvas - why not try dropping various objects in, quickly snapping their breaking the surface and see what comes of it. You might be surprised with what you can catch on non-film. Use your imagination and don't be afraid to get your lens a little wet.


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