Hey Everybody!

Sorry everyone! We decided that we were working too hard and needed a vacation! We've just been hangin' out and partyin' for the past week or so... Arch. Week will continue sometime this month. Meanwhile, enjoy these vacation pics! We had sooo much FUN!


Sorry about the comments being down...We have fixed the problem!


  1. Fuckin magnets, how do they work?

  2. Dude, ready for theartblahg bong and smores camping overnight

  3. A bunch of insider frenz if I ever saw one, #@$@## wannabe art asswipe artmums losers. Lookit bannerads ----> !!!!!

    Oh wait, that’s my family reunion. Fuck.

  4. IAA, you're comic genius.

  5. we love you theartblahg. we love you cause you're funny and we love you cause vince is an a**hole. tim mcfarlane did an interview with vince, but they didn't mention vince's racist sexist internet trolling. a shame, since vince's looniness is way more interesting than his boring art work.


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