"that's just filler!"

In celebration of Arch. week, there are a lot of memories that surface when thinking about our relationship to shelter as a species. Unlike all other creatures, we manufacture artificial components by manipulating naturally occurring elements in order to create 'structurally sound' domiciles to protect our fragile presence. When reflecting upon the history of architecture and the need for humanity to continually build these monumental 'retreats' from those elements, we ask ourselves - from what exactly are we granting asylum to our population?

We feel that in our quest to pursue greater intellectual capacity, we have lost the creative drive that children embrace so skillfully before taking the irrevocable step into adulthood. The idea is that we are, in fact, sheltering ourselves from admitting that forfeiture of creativity through erecting these monuments in hopes that anyone greater than the homo sapien (or "wise man") will revere us and, in turn, fear us. It is with this, we discovered Philadelphia's latest architect-stars who revert to simpler means and help us to identify the beauty of our childhood through incorporating elementary building blocks in their exterior facades.

Known only as "L.o.L" the firm is taking creative architecture to a new level. Their award-winning structures have been published in magazines across the globe, and their inspiring "Legolair" (as seen above) is a refreshing take on the boring practice that we've come to ignore.


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