How about David Shrigley?


  1. hell yea, david shrigley!!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, we are now an international art blog. Thank you for visiting! Where are you from?

  3. Thanks for kicking theartblahg up another notch. theartblahg is now officially turned up to 11.

  4. Please keep theartblahg goin'. Philadelphia rules!

  5. I prefer Joseph Grigely.

  6. We are tracking down all of yous one by one. We got the phoodie Thad (the amateur lawyer that used to try and scare us WHOA!,ha!) and Sara Gerald, dee half ass deesigner, and more on dee way. We have warned yous repeatedly about attacking innosent artists and you continue to do so and name names. So we have no choice but to counter attak. We have other tools up our undies that will be farting out very soon on yous all too.

    Lest not forget your one and only purpose is to fight against the only source in fillytowne that brings forth the corrupt and exposes their nasty assezz. That means all 3 of yous are fighting for INjustice because you are wannabee hanger ons. In fact while you tout your page rankings mostly all of them are from drafting us. People do a search and find this piece of shit and move right onto therealartblahg cause there is content being offered up there unlike this stick hole. F U very much.

  7. "F U very much.”

    Dear Mr. Artblahg:

    Thank you for taking the time to tell us why our service failed to meet your expectations. We value your business, and would like to address your concerns as quickly as possible.

    I understand your frustration, and I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you.

    Please know that I will personally be handling your case, and will be in contact with you on a regular basis, until this issue is resolved to your satisfaction.

    It is my goal to restore your confidence in our company by solving this problem and preventing it from happening again.

    Thank you again, for your honest feedback. I hope to have the pleasure of serving you again in the future.


  8. Ahhahahahahahahahahh! How's that career going, VR? HA HA HAH HA HA HA!!!!

  9. BTW, you are completely owned by theartblahg. Not only theartblahg but the commenters, too!

  10. "We got the phoodie Thad …"

    "We have warned yous repeatedly about attacking innosent artists and you continue to do so and name names. So we have no choice but to counter attak.”

    Awesome counterattack. Loved that deleted comment on some blog post about brisket. I’m with you all the way man - REAL artists don’t have any opportunities to grill brisket, because all the insiders have taken all the grills from their insider connections.

    And the brisket.

    Except, um, I don’t know how to tell you this. The dude’s a law student who likes to write about food. Do you *really* think he’s behind this, beyond linking to theartblahg because he thinks it’s funny?

    Cause I gotta tell you, leaving aside everything else…that’s just…lame.


  11. Vince you have noooooooooo idea. Ah ahah hahahah ahahah hah ha!

  12. you're owned, vince. you're owned.

  13. Keep adding people to your list, Vince. There's thousands and thousands and thousands of artists here in Philadelphia who think you are a moron and are laughing at you. Then there's people who aren't artists or in any arts industry who think you are an asshole.

    I'm one of those people. And I'm not the brisket dude. There's over 5 million people in the Philadelphia area. That means quite a bit of work ahead of you. good luck, asshole.

  14. R U really so stupid you believe there is one camp and that it is inhabited by low-life establickdick sucker wannabees like you?!?!?!?!?! You have one agenda and that's to kiss up to those who are keeping the majority down. You can spout off, all you 3 idiotz want to, but in the end when the righteous people of fillytowne see who you are and what you stand for it will be you who will suffer. The outsiders far out number the insiderz and even the draft smellerz like yous.

    NOTE TO YOUS ARTTARDS: Harry + Harrietta are not real, DUH! There is no one like them in the real world, they are charactortures used as a vehicle to run down art criminals like you. therealartblahg is comprized of a secret group of intellectuals, poets and artists much like the iluminatpee, but we are the good guyz. Maybe if you read books you would git that. Plop!

  15. Who said anything about H&H? We were talking about you.

    Anyhow, how many righteous people of fillytown have really bought into your metanarrative, anyway? I’ll tell you: no one I know.

    I would say that they think you’re an idiot or whatever, but honestly…you just don’t come up in conversation. Nobody cares. Seriously. I haven’t heard one mention of you since February or March. People got your message…

    and dismissed it.

  16. Contrafairy to what yous foolz are talking about we have a nice steady readershit and that is without trying. And our caeer is going blockbusters since we started therealartblahg reporting you and your frenz art crimes.

    So u really think the outsiders that include most commercial galleries like the nepotism, payola and other art crimes shitted upon them? Pleezzzz! You're crowd wishes we would just go away, just ask Libby and Rotarda. Have you seen how many, we mean how few FINGERS UP "LIKE" crap they have got this week? HAAAAHAHAHAHAHAH. And what about Robin Rice reviewing "The" museums boring ass ancient brown turd stained photo exhibits???????? your mumz have a piece on it to-day, sucking the corp cock again, slurp slurp, fart. U r them and smell like them and have many who will hate you if you reveal your views shown here and esp. if you have the ballz to say you run this brown cake anus of a snog.

  17. Once again, ha ahahah ahaha hahah hah!

    See Vince, it's only you writing and while you may use a pseudonym it's still you. Pseudonym means 'false name.' Someone still writes that crap and that's you. Vince you still seem to think you're anonymous. You're not! And there's no group. Nice try. I'd guess that Nic isn't even keeping up with up. I'd also guess that Lisa doesn't know about it or she does a hell of keeping 'crazy' in.

    See you over tempeh, buddy.

  18. Keep trying to divert attention away from the fact that you are for the wrong side. Bringing in the name of innocentz just proves it.

  19. "So u really think the outsiders that include most commercial galleries like the nepotism, payola and other art crimes shitted upon them? “

    The underlying premises of your argument are…well, as far as I can tell, they basically assume that the artworld is 5 people shitting on you personally.

    Have you ever wondered why your the lone voice howling in the wind? It’s because your reality simply isn’t the one the rest of us live in.

  20. Hey, by the way, artblahg, did you see that scathing blog post about you?

  21. Well?

    …made you look!

    Or at least google yourself for the 23rd time today.

    It really isn’t all about you, you know: this world. Get over yourself.

  22. Like like the wacko "R"'s, "r"etards in your case, you dance around the real problems and support the bad shit that goes on for the insiderz. BUT U forget, all the outsiders know they are being fucked and don't like it. That is the issue. Galleries that don't get any press, same wth co-ops and art centers etc etc.

    You try to make it personal like the teajeckoffs cause you want to stay away from the issues like the Pew going black oppz, no PCA except for the orgs,etc. etc. )read therealartblahg if you don't everyday already).

    U Rot and when you're on the wrong side like u r there is no winning cumeback. As for post against threalartblahg - likesomebodycares what u foolz think. If they are against us they are against doing the right thing and anybody outside the establickdick knows it and there are a lot of them.

  23. VR, there hasn't been one art organization you have supported and you go after the artists in Philly. You support nothing but yourself. You're an asshole. Go ahead, name these outsiders you think are supporters. There's no support for you anywhere. none. dumb ass, there ain't none. The closest thing you have is us watching you spin like a dog chasing it's tail.

    You care what we think. Here you are again writing craaaazzzzzy shit. That means you care! Dummy!

    you're a grown man using the word "retard." 'nuf said.

  24. ah-ma-zing there's people here who know the artblahg guy and call him out. maybe he knows who they are but i don't know him from a can of paint and think it's f///ing hysterical when people who know him comment. disfunction junction, artblahg.

  25. We use this forum to rip you cause u have nothing to stand on. See your sidebar, it says it all. Most commercial galleries are embarrassed by you and Libby Rosof and Roberta Fallon and Robin Rice and Edith Newhall and Victorian Pleasego etc. You are mostly leftovers from funnelpages and we will be doing a recreamum for yous soon to remind people what a bunch of losers you all are. Only one of you have had a show or are in the artz and he is a f'n juveenile joke. Then there is Annette Monnier with her One Turd a Millenium that no one farts in and Beth Heiny who works for and little berlin and Rob and Tim. We know who you are. Then there;s other wimpz that therealartblahg called out that suck and they are still mad cause they are entitled and pampered by Tyler and can't deal with the real world. We know all of yous and you all are nobodies with nothing happening outside you frenz circle jerk.

    We can hear your voices and some of you were dumb enough to use your real names here before. And why is there only one admin here, like we believe you are all different anonholes.

    This blahg is another example of your ineptitude. Just LOOK at it!!!!!!!! HAHAHahahaha!!!!!!!!! Baby shit amateurs wacking off other amateurs all united in attacking a blog that is trying to help those kept outta the system. You can't change those facts no matter how much you snuggle together crying the same victimhood whine. wwwwwwwwwwaaaaaWAAAAAAWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAWAAAAAAAAA!!! Hee.

    The people that are being screwed know it. Just try and remember that one fact.

  26. I AM ANON, while I don't know you, I'm glad to know you.

  27. Ditto that- glad to know you I AM ANON and also administrator, since I'm not sure if you are one and the same. Also, Anonymous 11:27, for a quick second I thought you were me. All of those congratulations aside, I'd like to address artblahgguy. Vincent, you are a hateful human being. There have been a few times in the past year that I have commented and you have immediately launched into your oh-so-predictable diatribe about how I'm Libby, Roberta, Robin, Shaun, a shill for City Paper, etc. Guess what shit-for-brains, I am none of those people and never heard of most of them until you attacked them. YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM. In fact, you wouldn't know me from Adam if I walked right up to you and told you my name and where I worked. I have read your spiteful and mean-spirited attacks based on your own envy and hatred and I'm sick of it and sick of you. And, if I were a shrink I guess I'd say it's because of your own sense of failure and lack of self worth. But WHO CARES? You're just an asshole and a creep. I know that you've hurt people by vilifying everyone who has a different vision and approaches to things than you.
    Why not just devote yourself to art if that's what's important to you? Obviously it's not, you little, little man.

  28. This might have been answered at one point or another but what art organizations does the other artblahg support? Which ones do they think are getting the shaft? It seems like I see all the same people at every opening and I dont know where else people would go. The Philadelphia art scene is not that big.

  29. Thatz the problem King of Poopshitz!!!!!!!!!!!! You are lazy and go to the same places. You aren't intellectually curious enough to go outside of your circle or look for other news sources, or you are just plain playing dumb. Or maybe you are nervous witout your crew of loser arttards.

    Every week the art writers walk past dozens of galleries you never hear about on their way to the Clay Mud Factory and Gallery Joe, hoe, hoe, hoe. Same north of Olde Town and Center City.

    Anyone that cums to this cesspool is part of the problem.

    Come to think out it - you must just be stupid.

    The outsiders know who they are and they are pissed.

  30. It’s a categorical mistake is to assume that because we are against you, you can identify who and what we are for. You can’t, because you refuse to acknowledge WHY we are against you.

    It’s not because of your beliefs. Many of us agree with you.

    It’s because you’re an asshole. And nobody likes assholes.

    Also, you continue to identify individuals as the problem, when the real problems are structural and inherent in the way the art world is built. Crying about Libby or Robin or whoever is just making personal something that should really be a conversation about what the art world should be like. Yelling about who holds the strings of power is avoiding the conversation about why we have loci of power in the first place, and how we navigate and manage that as artists in ways that are equitable for everybody.

    And you make all of this bullshit REALLY personal, in ugly ways. I mean, really ugly.

    So, to reiterate: the reason why no one sides with you isn’t because you’re wrong, per se: it’s because you’re a lousy piece of shit :-P

    And no, I won’t have a discussion with you about what to do about changing Philly or whatever. You’re never going to be a part of that conversation, because you’re a hater. Sorry.

  31. Yeah. Sorry I asked. Geez.

  32. Try and make excuses as much as you like anothanonhole,

    You are on the wrong side. Roberta and Libby are individuals and are part of the problem. Yes, real people with real problems of ethics and lack-o-talent, anyone with eyes can see that, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!! There are real people behind every org and they are responsible, not the building or the art. Ever hear of people being accountable for their actions and policies?

    The system is broken TOO, you are right there. But this blahg has never once made a post talking about anything close to that and instead thinks swans with long necks and no head is funny, har.
    You r here for one reason, to spread hate against one lone artist that you have targeted as low hanging fruit you can slander. Just like Hitler you know you need a common enemy, a "face to hate".

    You are lie-turds just like your far right political conterpartz who can't win an argument on substance so they lie to dumbassezz like you who believe them.

    People ARE the problem. Well them and bambi's, and kitties and bears, robots and Darth Vadar oh boy!


  33. "Just like Hitler" Vince, you are insane.

    Good question, King of Prussia. Vince doesn't support any arts organizations or galleries or, most bizarrely, artists in Philly beside himself and his friend. He doesn't name places, or artists, he thinks are worth seeing. But to even bother addressing that is pointless because he's mentally ill. Seriously. He's a perfect mix of "nuts" and "asshole."

    Read the above comment. You people are "like Hitler." Dude, is N-U-T-S.

  34. "People ARE the problem.”

    Dude, everybody’s a problem for you. Everybody. Since that’s the case and that’s the world you live in…game over.

    Since the rest of us live somewhere else, we’re going to play a different game. It’s called Real Life.

  35. dear i am anon,

    you are right again. it's fair to say that because none of know who is writing here we have all different opinions about philly arts. the one thing we all have in common is that we hate assholes. simple as that.

    anon o thon

  36. Theartblahg is Tony the Tiger grrrrreeeaaaat. We need fewer aholes in this wide world and theartblahg is funny, interesting and doing it's part to carbon neutralize the greenhouse gasses coming from one of the biggest aholes I've ever met.

    Cheers, theartblahg. We love you.

  37. Sin-Opp-Cyst:

    Ouch! Pop that baby yous f'n freakoidz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Our annalycyst of your damaged brainz concluded that this littlesitstahateblahg has one principle.

    You do this because you have been spoiled and pampered by every adult you ever knew except therealartblahg. Whaaaaaaaa Whaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your mumz and teachers at the Art Temple, RAH RAH have kissed your asses and stroked your tiny peeholes because they are misguided and afraid they will loze their jobs.

    This blahg was made because you are crybabies and can not believe in your panty stained baggy draws where your braiz reside, that someone spoke out against YOU!!!!!!!!!! POOR Entitled Onez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    News Flash Shit for Brainz - THIS is the real world!!!!!!!! We are not here to help the bad guyz and galz that cum here and squeeze out lies and hate all because an adult said something negative about you or your frenz.

    YOU DO SUCK! Especially Robin Rice and Libby and Roberta and Ed and Edie and Victorian and and. You have zero talent and no ethics. Simple. That is the truth even if it is hurtful.

    We have no good writers or crithacks or curators or gallery directors or artists. THis is just a dirty nasty smelly trash spewn cheap ass 4th rate May-fucking-berry shity. And u r why it's like that. Cause you're lazy and don't have to compete because of your gang. We are trying to help you loserz by raising the bar. But you don't want that Robin cause it's hard to write well and it's hard to do the leg work and research and maybe call an artist for a quote etc. The rest of you are just as LAZY!!!!!!!! And u know it, Ha.

    You need the help of a Dr. to straighten out your messed up heads if you think payloz, nepotism, classism and cronyism are good. U can try and point the finger to others but in the end the truth remains and so does therealartblahg which has some juicy warm shit cooked up and in the pipehole for your blood sucking frenz. dadadada dadadada dadadada dadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fart

  38. Keep it coming, Vince. We love to see the unfiltered you.

  39. Logorrheic diarrhea.

    I’m sorry, what was your point again? I don’t speak shit-spew.

  40. The only thing to do in a toilet is to take a shit. Duh!

  41. Speak for yerself, Jack. Nurse Ratched’s got your number.

  42. i speak shit-spew. let me translate for you, iaa.

    vr's comment on "September 26, 2010 2:39 PM" translated to english: "i'm out of lithium."


    artblahg runs for office!


  44. RE 10:46 AM

    I AM ANON, I actually think artblahg is completely wrong. There's plenty of room for critique of arts organizations in Philadelphia but dude's on a vendetta to personally attack people who he's either jealous of or thinks have slighted him. There's nothing he says that I regard as valid.


  46. Finally got around to reading artblahg’s last post - I have to confess I kinda just skimmed last time.

    What I love about this masterpiece:


  47. Dear I AM ANON,

    Could you please recap what he said? It's unfair to rely on you to be the deliverer of his screeds but you're the only one who reads them. His looniness is on a Sarah Palin level.

    Thank you,

  48. Dear all 3 anons,

    Just admit it. You are pussies and afraid to visit therealartblahg because you think we will know who you are and will go after yous haaaaaahahahahahahahahhaheehaw!!!!!!!! We are the best read in this shithole boring ass dirty litter basket filthy place. Oh you could READ or LISTEN to the and look at their brown hazed crooked ass really really bad pohots. And then there is their centered tiny art presentation of mani thing "the art" although they make it about them instead. Or read the Edie and Ed show. Plllleeeeeeezzzzzz!!!!!!

    You don't deserve therealartblahg cause you are wasted load arttards dripping ooze from down under where your thiny thinballz u call brains live. U are welcome.

    If we didn't shit here there would be nothing but additional snooze to add to the smell of death eminating from your brown city.


  49. @anon 5:05:

    I meant “last comment”, not “last post”. See above. Well, above the latest mouthful, anyway. It starts with "Sin-Opp-Cyst”.

    artblahg said:
    "We are the best read in this shithole boring ass dirty litter basket filthy place”

    Thank you for sharing your feelings on Philadelphia! The city of brotherly love…and apparently psychos.

    I do wonder if you know how to actually measure stats, since this blog is doing better than yours in the US.

    I also wonder why none of your crack team of supporters actually comment on any of your posts.

    I generally wonder how you measure “best read” in short, because by any measure I know, you’re not.

    "we will know who you are and will go after yous haaaaaahahahahahahahahhaheehaw!!!!!!!”

    That your brain goes down this road pretty much says all we need to say about you.

  50. Nevermind I Am Anon, that comment above cleared it all up for me.

  51. Vince is a mix of 'a**hole' and 'psychotic' but I tend to think the 'a**hole' part is stronger.

  52. you don't know who we are. and we could be berry, berry close to you. berry close. we could have even told you directly how fucked up you've become.
    why not come here to tell you? you obviously don't care about anyone.

    the downfall of not being anonymous.

  53. We obpissously do care about all the crime committed against those outside the elite cysteam which you are wannabees of. That's how low you are. U r the problem along with the press and museum people and Peeewk foolz etc. That's why we cum here and take a shit once in a while. Cause this is a cesspool of the worst of the worst. YOU in other words.

    This site was put up by supporters, simplethighzers of Libby and Rotarda and Robin Rice, simple. All screaming grannies who can't believe someone found a way to put them in their place, and a dirty ugly place it tis. This webhole is the perfect atmosfear for them to shine in, or is it to smell in?

  54. Everyone is the problem to you. That's the definition of paranoid schizophrenia. It's also why artists think you're an dick. Get some help.

    <3 theartblahg!!!!!!!

  55. You clock is set wrong, is that to cover up your tracks, duh??!?!?

    Fillythtowne is a city in deecline like many other badly run US townes who during the good times wasted taxpayers money and let corruption grow and takeover. This includes the artwohorl too YIPPEE. As you can see the big orgs are fine while everything else withers on Vine. Ha! It ain't our fault, we are just speaking the truth which none of you foolz want to hear.

    We are ghosts and have no frenz, that is right. H + H are fictdickous figures DUH!!!!!!! Charatortures that you have conjured up. They are RECKONING DAY for the bad art peoples.

    If you THINK u r the frenz of the some of the cloaked crusaders and you support this hole, u r misguided and not frenz at chall. And we are not sorry for one eyefarta. We are super PROUD, da da dada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There is still time for you to repent!!!!!!!!!!!

    lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeee ya!

  56. Vincent, you are not a ghost. You are a failed artist living in Willow Grove. Because you hung a painting, a painting by one of my friends, at Sage and no one crowned you 'King of Art' for hanging it you had a complete breakdown. And no one was moved to tears with your tired piece of shit building materials. Those two events happened right when you went psycho.

    Your bullshit about poor oppressed white men, and that show was lame by the way, is so tired.

  57. blah blah wimper fart. U can attack Mr. V all yous want, he seems to be doing fine and continues to ignore yous all because u r insignificunt. Smart. Who would want to wallow around your slim hole anywayz?

    But what u ARE really saying is that this is a blahg revenge attack on a given artist not about the issues. Of course that's what it is, it's personal. heheeeeheeeheeehe! But you still are wannabees wit your banner ad suckup shit. We have taken care of you and your frenz and will dish out more daily. We have always known who u r and have said so here.

    But what u r trying to do is move attention away from your stinky arthole, this blahg that would have no hits if not for us shitting here and other people looking for therealartblahg. We don't care about hits but we do have a nice steady following and they are there to READ. There is NOTHING to read here except what we say foolz.

    We won't be back for a while until it suits. This hole will be dead until then. Snore.

  58. Yeah, get back to replying to your commenters :-P

    It’s not a mistake that theartblahg and artblahg have nearly identical traffic stats. Your readers are us. That you can’t draw the obvious conclusions from that, and how that might re-frame the term “supporter”, is your own problem.

    I’m personally not in the attack VR business because I think it’s kind of pointless. I *am* in the attack artblahg business because I think you’re a cancer. You have no beneficial qualities whatsoever, and just poison everything you touch.

    Have a nice day.

  59. oooohhhhhhhhhh, you got owned artblahg.

  60. @ Anonymous 10:54 AM
    I believe this blog was created, so that we all can comment freely, without being censored by artblahg's author.

  61. I know who you are Jackin Meofff, and it’s payback time!!!! Didn’t think I’d find your LinkedIn profile did you???? HAAHAHAHAHAAAAA!

    Wee have planz, just wait to see how we exactt our revenge!!!! Youll never know what hit you! What you get for siding with the insider ELITE!!!



    Oh. Fuck. Never mind. Assholes.

  62. Mr. Meoff,

    You're right, we are able to comment without being censored here. Also, this blog seems to have been created to be funny. I like both functions of this blog.

    Yours Truly,
    Mr. Mike Rotch

  63. You idiot artmumz loser weve got news for you Jack Meoff is a fake name, just like all the other loserzz in this annonhole. But now that I know your name I’m gonna get you Mike Rot…..


    What IS it with you people?

  64. Ha haha ahaha ha, I AM ANON! Yes, I AM ANON!

  65. vincent:
    if you threaten people you should be prepared for what comes flying back your way, dontcha know?

    you really want to try and "get" someone commenting on this blog? (by the way, thanks for the forum theartblahg, and the laughs) you really want to try and "exact revenge"? really? does that free me up to out you and your stupid, sorry willow grove life?

    you really wanna rumble, vinnie?

  66. @6:27:

    1. Sep 28 6:25 and 6:27 are not artblagh, but me parodizing him.

    2. I understand how you might confuse this with him unintentionally parodizing himself.

    I also concede that #2 is funnier than #1, but I went to art school and am obligated by law to somehow make this a meta-statement or something.

  67. A win again, I AM ANON!


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