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    To Libby and Rotarda,

    HHHahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahaha HHaahhahahahhahahahhah!!!

    As our Magical Fantastestesticule Majit Ballz predickted… U R over!!!!! U brought this on when you attacked other people’s religious leaders and we see that in your Frlickher page shit photo collection you are once again celebhating hate by making fun of a religion other than your own. Now dat ain’t right yo.

    You have been exposed as in the USA and will be given your trofee any day now. All of our 225+ Twither readers, some of the biggest and bestest art orgs IN DEE WORLD now know who you are and the way you operahate, YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!! Reckoning Day is turning into Reckoning Year, Woop Woop Rah Rah Templar Tielher.

    Go away while before you embarrass poor Pilliput even more than you already have. You are a helpful contributcher to it’s deemise, does that make you happy?!?!?!?!?!?!? Hee.


  2. What the fuck are you on about this time, artblahg? Seriously...I can’t make head or tail out of this.

    Or did you just run out of places to take a shit?

  3. VR. More nuts than ever. I've been luvin' the last posts here. Slayer rules and theartblahg effin' rocks.

  4. Philadelphia needs this kind of a Slayer light show. Kudos to whoever created this Xmas heavy metal spectacular.

  5. I'm really laughing and thought I'd share this with you. I am the one guilty of posting the Citypaper artblerg article 26 times on artblahg's site with the comment "remember this?". So today he published it with one very slight alteration to make the Citypaper page unreachable. here's what I posted on his comment page.

    "I think you inadvertently made a typo.

    The address I wrote was"

    Just thought I'd put it out here since he seems to have problems spelling. Can dish it out but just can't take it, can you, Mr. R?.

    Love ya' Artblerg! xxxx

    ps. still not Robin, Libby, Roberta, Beth, Shawn, or any of the usual suspects.


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