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In the latest news, we hear tell of a vaguely familiar artist's passing and his immediate relatives' struggle to claim ownership of anything left in his wake. An absurd attempt at gaining some measure of wealth, the obviously uncultured family members convened in the man's bedroom, grabbing at anything of considerable value. Do they even know what's valuable? Surely we think his niece, Kiki Smith, should have some semblance of respect for the deceased's works of fine art - but alas, she was among the animals simply pillaging the goods, "throwing everything in trash bags." For shame Kiki, for shame.


  1. Is dis supposed to bee funny!? You have zero credibility for anything now you cockwipez especially you Shaun Baer. Whatsamatta, you have extra time now that you don't "write" for funnelpages or what? Or maybe you and your friends Rob and Tim form Tiger Strikes and Gallery Joe are helping you. They are snoggers too. What a lame group. and then there is Robin Rice and Libby and Roberta, the professional writers along with Edith Newhall and Ed Sozanski, Victoria Donohoe, jeeeezzz what a classy stable of wha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Dear Like Somebody Cares:

    Shaun Baer has nothing to do with this site. Actually...we don't know anyone that you have mentioned. But you dont care about that, do you? Kinda sad. Hopefully that downward spiral feels good.

    Unlike you, no one knows who WE are. I will tell yous, though, our IP address is always from PHILLY PROPER, motherfucker. Not the burbs, butthole.

  3. Yeah right. Wee said wee don't know Mr. Mellowyellow, du you care you a-wipes sicko freakin teawackers. Just like them you lie and then cry when you are caught with the shit in your handz. Get a brain!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shaun Baer. As for IP's dumb dumbs, they mean nothing, READ OUR BLOG web 0.1. Just look at this site and tell the world u know what the f**** u are talkin about on any subject let alone intertoob sercurity and proxies etc.

    lovvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeee ya loserz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. How about Colin Keefe?????????? and the other boyz at FungholePAGEZ Jung and Dustin? they sound like yous too. All yous sound the same and that is part of the problem wit sillytowne, no personalities and it showz in your weak ass work too. Oh well, u could git better butt wit your bad attitudes against the master artistz around yous it will take u much much longer yo.

    BTW, how many of yous does it take to post a comment on this turdo smelly snog devoted to hating just us???????

    lovvvvvveeeeeeeeeee ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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