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A lesson on word origin and contemporary interpretation.

The word CURATE is known to have originated in the mid fourteenth century, derived from curatus "one responsible for the care of (souls)." Although primarily used in religious syntax, its evolution has taken on a more generalized meaning and is known to describe all aspects of "caring to" in one sense or another. Today, most people associate it with fine arts and the intellectual and academic organization of visual media in a defined space. This, unfortunately, has become a problem. The perpetuation of this narrow definition in contemporary art has essentially led to the misconception of the definition of the word itself.

"Curate" is to "organize" as "masticate" is to "chew."


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  9. Interesting piece about curating in the NYTimes last October.

    "The word “curate,” lofty and once rarely spoken outside exhibition corridors or British parishes, has become a fashionable code word among the aesthetically minded, who seem to paste it onto any activity that involves culling and selecting. In more print-centric times, the term of art was “edit” — as in a boutique edits its dress collections carefully. But now, among designers, disc jockeys, club promoters, bloggers and thrift-store owners, curate is code for “I have a discerning eye and great taste.” Or more to the point, “I belong.”"

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