mag rana OR anagram

SPEED ROUND - 30 minutes:
Ten Voice 'n Lil' Manor
Can't veil nor lo mein.
men color anvil.
Crave onion lentil, m.
Nice mill, Toon Raven.
I lament vile on corn.


  1. Re: Cannelloni Vomit

    Loon Malice Vintner

    Lovelorn Iceman Nit

    Violent, Anemic, Lorn

    Online Vomit Lancer

    Rectal Minion Novel

    Acne Venom Trillion

    A Torn Violence Limn

    Colonel Vermin: a Nit

    Reinvent a Loco Limn

  2. @anon 11:53

    I love you

  3. Hairdresser to the StarsApril 30, 2010 at 3:18 PM

    which one is Vincent? The blonde, right?

  4. Very Good!

    How about
    Cannelloni Re Vomit
    Vicennial Melon Rot
    Cavemen Trill Onion
    Malice Vintner Loon
    Citronella Venom In
    Canine Enroll Vomit
    Corneal Linen Vomit

  5. I like 'Cannelloni Vomiter'

  6. Wee have certifiable proof and u have been identified and posters are up you Bendadick Arnhole Shaun. We left your name off SO FAR. Time u fill this smelly bloghole in.

  7. Look for the Most Wanted posters at your local galleries on opening reception nights. Anntoiletee, Beth, Dustin, Jung, Austin, Rob, Shaun and all of u other little twitz will be added and revealed to everyone in fillytowne as art traitors conspiring to assassinate the character of fellow artists just because u or one of your insider frenz or orgs were rightly criticized, nothing more. Wee will give until Monday to close this bloghole or remove proper names from the comments. if not wee will step it up a few more notches.

    All of our commentz art being CENSOREDDDDDDDDDDDD too,

    U have opened this door unnecessarily though your juvenile behavior and arrogance.

    How does it feel, da, da, da daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa???????????To be on your own!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!da, da, da, daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Lickin a hairy bone!!!!!! da, da da dddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!
    U complete unknownzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ya kiddies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. "Wee will give until Monday to close this bloghole or remove proper names from the comments." Or what? You'll hang angry photoshopped posters outside galleries? You wouldn't have the nerve to show up anywhere NEAR local galleries on opening nights, kiddo, and I think everyone here will probably agree on that. Want to wheatpaste in the middle of the night? That just confirms that you're crazy, not that you're Shepard Fairey or something.

    Besides, it's a long, lonely ride to drive in from Willow Grove that late at night.

    Ironic that you should ask how does it feel.

  9. The references to Boomer-era music are so telling! Dylan's Like a Rolling Stone. The Band's Don't Do It a little while back. Great musicians, yeah. But when employed by an manic, angry old guy it simply reeks of blind nostalgia, mounting regret, and a misplaced sense of generational superiority. Ironic too that someone of that time period -- a moment when the establishment was supposedly overturned (oh, wait, no, you guys only made matters worse for the young ones that have to clean up after you) -- wouldn't realize his own obsolescence.

  10. Oh, please, pretty please do that! I this whole artblahg FAIL isn’t enough for me. I want to see an EPIC FAIL.

  11. from Harry's iphone

    at least wee didn't and don't lick the ballz of the establishment like u and your far out right teawacker parentz. No real artist sucks dee man or workz for dem for that matter. But u are all failed artists and on the road to nowhere and are desparate.

    If u resort to contacting artist's supporters wit emails etc. your frenz will have the same done to dem (with reservations but u don't seem to understand reason). How about your design gigs, Mud Factory, MFA PhD apps and background searches etc??? Wee suggest your frenz give u a goot talkin to guyz and galz. Wee don't want to du these things and from day one tried to limit damage to yous butt damn u are stupid.

    This will cum as more tough luv than retaliation cause wee are unaffected by everything u du. And every time u du these thingz the grow ups who hold the keyz to your future and are also our supports are shakin dare heads. Grow a brain. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your art mumz Wibby and Rotarda

  12. You have no idea who we are. You are really cold right now. Keep trying.....fuckface.

  13. It's funny how this has become the go to place to comment on this topic. Thanks for providing the space for this THEartblahg. No need to even go to the other place to witness his meltdown first hand.

  14. Cannelloni VomiterMay 1, 2010 at 1:54 PM

    I guess what crosses my mind, Vincent, is that you should probably cease and desist from your blahg as well as all of the other spin-off suit-worthy blahgs. Keep your roman one and roman two and any other of your Romaniello crapola going but let this other stuff go. It's time, man. You're outed and powerless. Let it go and maybe I'll pretend that I don't know about all of the other shit.

    Maybe not.

  15. oh yeah...and we haven't censored one comment yet, there!

  16. It's so obvious there is exactly one commenter here besidez us, and datz u a-hole. Wee are on top-o-dee-whorl and going up and over dee top. This turdcontainer is a joke. No one cumz here unless wee post and that's gonna stop now. Goodnight all 2 of u loserz. "No Commentz, No Content", the perfect tagline for this smelly hole.

    And u have changed url's and other stuff so u are liars too. Bug sirprise.

  17. guess what, Vincent, it's more than one person. how's Willow Grove?

  18. "It's so obvious there is exactly one commenter here besidez us, and datz u a-hole.”

    If that’s what you need to believe, fine. You can add it to your list of delusions.

    "No Commentz, No Content", the perfect tagline for this smelly hole.”

    I’ve noticed your blog has had zero commenters lately. What does that mean?


    Btw, artblahg, aside from the fact that I think it’s actually an advantage that people outside of Philly look at theartblog, this is sort of meaningless unless you post your own stats.


    You can’t even come up with your own fucking content? Boring.


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