Maybe this could explain it.

General paresis, also known as general paralysis of the insane or paralytic dementia, is a neuropsychiatric disorder affecting the brain and central nervous system, caused by syphilis infection. -Wikipedia


  1. Something special for Nellie Brown. Wee hear your voice and it gratez on us. Wee have to expose your arrogance now. Wee have tried to bee kind to u kiddies but u are way too stupid to git it.

    This is just a draft, more linkz and comments to cum. Hope yous all enjoy it. It is 100% truthful. Wee do not engage in hate like yous, wee have not used all of your real names yet although you seem not to appreciate that and continue to try and out artists from our community with their names.

    The amount of establishment ass kissing going on here is amazing and sickening. You insidera are fuleing dis, u wannabees are complete suckerz. Remember none of this affects us, wee are above it and insulated. U are the onez who are going to fel the reprocussionz of your actions as wee lead the grown upz to each of you one at a time. Wee are in hurry, butt as you can see are supper fast cause wee are proz unlike you foolz and posers.


  2. Huh?

    Are you going to do a hate blog for every single artist in Philly? That might be interesting, if it weren’t for the fact that you’re fucking scary crazy.

  3. Only the haterz like u and her a-hole. Wee can;t stand establishment licking wannabee defenders and posers who degrade the word artist again like yous. All your namez will be searchable since you don't know better and don't git the rulez. Wee are scary, what a joke. U are the sickos who could be joining us to make thingz netter by calling for fair treatment from the imsiderz who suck up all the money and media and everything else. Butt you chose to join them, so whaddua epect, artarz????????

    BTW, your art mumz Robin and libby and Roberta are eggin all you little foolz on and you are so blind you follow them? Why in the F***K would u du dat? Well wee know know why Beth Heinly and Annette Monnier du, thatz where they get their dough. Butt why are you following them and backing up these grannies wit no talent??? What a laughable lot u all r. HHHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE heeeeeeeeeeee HHHHHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

    BTW wee think you use the word "artist" too liberally when referring to those wee have done mockublahggeries on. They don't cut it for us.

  4. I never even fucking heard of Nellie until you posted here, so in a backhanded way you’ve done me a service, though not in the way you intended. Thanks.

    Aside from that: blah blah blah. Keep churning out those ridiculous blogs. You obviously haven’t figured out that sheer volume desensitizes. All this shit is the same with different names.

  5. To Vincent Romaniello,

    You are out of your fucking mind. I seriously think that you need 30 days as an in-patient in some residential facility. Seek help, man. And I'm not trying to be cute or cutting.

    To everyone else,
    Does anyone seriously know this guy? Can someone forward this batshit crazy stuff he is writing to his wife, for example? Wouldn't you want someone to tell you if your significant other went off the deep end like this?

    Does anyone out there know him? Seriously. This guy needs help.

  6. I agree. This man seems sadly disturbed - all interwebs joking aside. I mean seriously, who spends what must be a total of eight hours a day not at a job, or working on the art he claims is "da bestust," but updating an incoherent rampage online? Keeping tabs on all of his detractors' comments alone and then responding to each one of them must be at least two hours of his life each day. It's genuinely unsettling. And really remarkably sad.

  7. who is Nellie Brown? What is he talking about?

  8. She’s the Anti-Christ. And so are you for asking. And that dude over there at the Wawa checkout counter, he’s a fucking insider frenz a-hole too. Yeah, I can tell. I mean, just fucking look at him.

    I set up a hate blog for him and (a few others) on Blogspot, which is so web 2.0, so don’t draft my stinky fumes:

  9. Vincent Romaniello needs help and no one is joking about that now. People know him. He worked with people for the Sage Projects. Who was in Sage Projects? Can someone get in touch with some of the artists from Sage? If you know anyone who has been involved with him tell them immediately about what's happening with Vincent. Someone who knows him needs to help him.
    Does anyone know if he is violent? Has he ever physically gone after anyone? Are the people he's going after in danger?
    The Dick Torchia page is completely illegal. It is libel. Lawyers can take care of that but Vincent Romaniello needs some real help.

    Anonymous @ 7:21, it is sad. I worry about what he's capable of doing because his writing is frightening.


    is really funny.

    Who has the time to make these hate blogs? The deep end has swallowed Vincent Romaniello whole. Does he have a job?

  11. Let me get this straight. This guy has a serious paranoid conspiracy theory and went after almost every art critic and art writer, almost every arts administration and arts organization, and any number of artists in Philadelphia?

    And now he makes fake webpages for anyone who disagrees with him?

    I followed the link in the comments above for Annette Monnier and don't understand. It's sort of a parody blog of her site but its incoherent. Why did someone make that? I don't understand at all.

    Can anyone explain what's happening here?

  12. "Can anyone explain what's happening here?”

    There’s probably an explanation in the DSM-IV.

  13. Ok, I'll give this a shot. I am not an artist and have no affiliation with the arts community in Philadelphia whatsoever. I am, however, interested in the local art scene and the artists (new and old) who are a part of it. I was doing a random blog search looking for information on local artist XXX (no names because that will incite Vincent further) and stumbled upon- literally- his blog. What I read there blew my mind. Although I am not a part of the scene- I do know a couple of folks who are involved in the local community. What he wrote about several of these folks was outrageous- I would venture to say libelous but without a doubt, just fucking hateful. I commented on his blog, or tried to, in a way that was not- to my thinking- confrontational at all. It was, rather, why do you feel that way, etc. The responses that I got were so unintelligible and filled with anger that I made an effort to find out who this guy was. The ip address, the style of blogs/writing, the self-promotion of the brucenniel, and the quiet and helpless belief of the few folks I asked about this have confirmed, for me at least, who this guy is. What fueled his incredible, incoherent anger is something that I am not qualified to answer. Lack of success? His belief that he hasn't received enough recognition? Hey, plenty of us feel that way about our own work, regardless of the field. Vincent reaches another level, however, and I think that he's gone off his rocker. If anyone out there knows anything about this kind of behavior, chime in and fill in the gaps.

    For me and from where I stand, it was originally about trying to throw cold water on him because of his abhorrent slander of good people. But now, I'm just standing back, like everyone else, and can't seem to look away from the train wreck happening in front of my eyes. It's incredible to me that anyone in his right mind would self-destruct the way he continues to do, ruining any chance of alliance or membership with ANY part of the arts community in which he lives. Just remarkable.

  14. This is the problem with anonymity on the internet. It turns normal polite people into raving assholes. He might not have even realized what he was transmogrifying into until it was too late - and probably still doesn’t fully acknowledge he’s become an internet troll.

    The best tonic would be for him to take a 7 day vacation from the computer. Seriously. Go make art, or sit on the beach, or whatever it takes to detox. It’s what I do when I get too wrapped up in this laptop thing. I turn the fucking thing off and go into the studio.

    You have a much better perspective when the internet’s in the closed clamshell of that laptop in the corner, with a bunch of books sitting on top to keep it from squirming away.

    That goes for us too.

    Step 1: ignore the bastard.
    Step 2: find better things to do than bitch about him.

    It’s a sunny day, turn this fucking interweb off already.

  15. Why did you remove a comment? CENSORSHIT STINKZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another winner of a post from u brainactz. Was it hard for u to push that stinky slimey thang out? the one looks like Shaun and the other Anntoilette. Superior graphics and brainpower here, wee are really worried about the competition. And u ladies and ladies think we're crazy???????????? WE ARE HHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE, hhhhhhhhheeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wee are bored wit yous cause u are all stupido.

    Don't try and cut dis one kiddies, command see, command vee

  16. ↑↑↑↑↑


  17. "command see, command vee”

    Is that a web 2.0 thing?

  18. It's not only ladies who think you're violent and crazy Vincent.

  19. how do you ignore a cockroach running across the floor? you don't of course. you know what you do to it.


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