The NEW(d) Artblahg

Did I spell that right? Well, we're moving. That's right folks - since we've been outted as the people who are also behind the notorious Funpages, we've decided that a change might be the proper response and also the means to an end to this blame game. Although it's fun to generate mystery through the anonymous authoring of sincere art enthusiasm, it's also a crime. J/K! We're not moving. In fact, we've decided that here's where all the action is and we like the attention. It's in this very post that our fellowship has multiplied and we have re-secured our dedication to bringing real time updates about the contemporary art world, both in Philadelphia and abroad, to the attention of our loyal readers. This is a letter of thanks, so we look forward to all future posts - and let it be known: as long as there's we are, there's us.


  1. Hey look, it’s all of V.R.’s emotional baggage.

  2. Hey, just a suggestion, since I’m betting most of the folks here have commented on artblahg at one point or another:

    I’m betting we constitute 90% of his comments. Don’t comment on that blahg. Starve it. Post your responses here.

    I’d be interested to see how much steam he has left in him with zero commenters.

  3. I agree with Anonymous number 2. Vent here and leave nothing there.

  4. I agree and will follow suit. I just commented on Vinnie's blug that he should direct his comments here because I was finished reading his blog. Don't know if he'll post it.

  5. I was so scared you were actually moving!!! I love THEartblahg!
    @Anonymous 10:27:
    I'm commenting here from now on as well.

    First reaction comment from:"Special Fungholepages Issue wit Saharah McAin'tgotany"
    WTF Vincent! Why are you attacking SM? As an artist I'm sure she's prepared for your juvenile ass, but your post had nothing to do with her work. You're just being a meanie, YOU SUCK. Not only is she way more successful than you, but she actually supports the art scene here, going to shows, collecting work and giving funpages the time of day to do an interview. You come off like a jealous, sexist asshole!

  6. @anon 11:59

    that's because he IS a jealous, sexist asshole.

  7. Allright! Theartblahg rules!

    Vincent Romaniello is a misogynist piece of shit. Does anyone know him? And has he always been this crazy?

    We all luv theartblahg!

  8. You people put the fun in funpages!

  9. How can someone like Sarah McEneaney be a folk artist after working for the ICA and living in the center of a modern city? It makes no sense at all. A F'n folk artist, her, plllllezzzzzzzzzz. Wee want an answer not a bunch of crybaybees backin her up with attacks. This is the problem here in sillytown. Yous can't be honest and you all are wannabees. U really think because someone wins a few awards they are good. Look around, use you eyez. Oh, thats right, u have no idea what real art looks like or smells like. Her art doesn't smell right. Could be those cats.

    You might be next if you rate. Da gloves are off folks and wee stand by all of our criticism. If you have a rebuuthole, than use it. Crying is for babies yo.

  10. @Anonymous 11:27 AM

    He did post it, and responded with his usual predictable anonhole stuff.

    He then deleted both comments after he actually READ your post, all one sentence of it, and realized THEartblahg was mentioned. Bad, bad boy!

    That’s okay, though. Everyone knows censorshit is only a crime if you’re not the one doing the censorshitting.

  11. @Anon 1:01 PM

    And the best part of it is, he censored comments on a post COMPLAINING ABOUT BEING CENSORED.


  12. Vincent Romaniello is a failure as an artist and a failure as a critic. But he is a huge success as a flaming asshole. Crazy, petty, jealous, and maybe dangerous, he's Glenn Beckish but I think Glenn Beck is more centered.

    By being such a dick, Vincent has pointed out how supportive and great the Philadelphia arts scene is. We've found new appreciation of the arts community in Philadelphia because of Vincent Romaniello's bile. None of us would be writing in here or reading his things if there was a standard of assholism here in Philadelphia.

  13. Dear Anonhidingunder his/hermumzskirt, Or Ann-toilette Monoofone,

    If u think u are gaining supprt good. But fir every one of u loserz showing how retarded u really are, and how gangish, there are many who support the other side. if u think that kissing da assez of the establishment wit your insiderz free banners running up and down this ugly shithole is good for yous, u are dumber than wee thoguht. If u think that it's great all the dough goes to dem and u get sqaut, then u deserve u lowly positions and lack-o-funds, foolz. Not one of yous can get in a gallery so u start your own diy reacharound co-dependancy spaces that are open one day a month and u really think any one wit half a brain respects u. They are glad u diy so u don't take any of their money away.

    Wee have been trying to help you all but you wannabees are down right stupid and it will take 10-20 years before u say oh yeah they were right and wee are a-holes just like wee didn't listen to our foolz or teachers or preachers.

    Wee are the only ones in your short lives that have been honest wit yous. And it we say your work is weak or you are hangin wit unethical foolz it is for one reason only, it's tru. Wee are duing just fine and are making masterpieces while yous jerk off trying to ACT like artists. Grow up, u are too f'n olde to bee drawing Big Foot a-wipez.

    Your Art Mums Libby and Berta

  14. Thank you theartblahg!!!!!!!!!


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