the act of needing to make a vomit like noise after seeing an ugly face, an uncomfortable site, the combination of two people who shouldnt be together and how it makes you feel, and the noise girls make after eating and running to the bathroom.

1. Me and Jamie saw her and could not help but go "blagh"

2. The site of her in a bikini made me want to "blagh".

3. When I saw the couple walking together I wanted to "blagh".

4. After eating one potato chip she needed to run to the bathroom and "blagh".



    From definition examples:

    • Blahg Humbug: "I won't be happy if you print my name.”

    That’s one way to enter the lexicon.


  2. Where's all the action boyz and girlz? What a laugh!!!!! No contents, no substance, no graphics, no ideas, no position on issues AND no comments. Dat makes for a whole lot of nuttin!!!!!!!!!! No surprise to us. Come to therealartblahg if you want all of the above kiddies and you too art grannies.

    But maybe you're busy graduating and taking your family out to the nearest Subway to celebrate. The only thing worse than 1,000's of more art students coming out into an empty job market is 10,000's, 100,000's ore amateur lawyers. Good luck wit that, really! Say hi to your mumz and remind them that being ethical is very very important and that criticism is not bullying.

    Rotsa Ruck yo

    Anon like your mumz

  3. artblahg comments, last 7 days: 16

    theartblahg comments, last 7 days: 278


    BTW: not an art student. I’m old as shit, older than you :)

    Anon like your ass

  4. Ah, okay, 52 for the last 7 days. 278 for the month. Still better than artblahg’s 25 for the month.

    Anyway, pissing around over comments or lack thereof is boring, so I’m going to do the wise thing and go back outside, where the rest of us who have a life have been spending the weekend.

  5. Your art mumz got less than both otherblahgs. Thatz not the point. No content, no ideas, no graphics, no nuttin. Keep dancin' around it all u want but your readers will git it eventually, or already have.

    You can also take away about half your comments if you exclude us and our frenz who will not be back except to plug our own shit. F U oldtimerz and yungins alike. We don't dis-criminate like your mumz. You are D O N E.

    We are out and in and out and in and out, owwww baybee. yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anon cause we don't need your hitz

  6. You’ve said all of this tired shit exactly the same way a hundred times here and it’s still just as meaningless. You sound like you’re 5 years old.

    I’ll admit that you don’t discriminate, though. You hate everybody :)

  7. vincent- the only reason there haven't been a glut of comments here in the past day or so is:
    a) it's nice outside! get a life!
    b) you didn't write any comments to piss everyone off. now that you have, here are the comments.

    if you would just do ALL OF US a favor and shut up, we wouldn't have to bitch slap you down, you sissy. see ya at the farmer's market- you do have those in willow grove, don't you?

  8. artblahg: fail

    theartblahg: win

    with or without comments, it's that simple

  9. Vincent Romaniello: Fail

    theartblahg writers: Win

    I still crack up over the "foley artist" post.

  10. @anon 12:56 &9:55

    you've got that right

  11. so this is what you get when raised on Bevis and Butthead. what a circle of whankers, all 2 of you.

    Anon like all of you tough talkers

  12. We love you too, artblahg.


    Honestly the criticism could apply as well to this blog as to artblahg, and I have no idea who he’s REALLY talking about - Ed’s judicious and even-handed enough to not name names. But it’s apropos and a good read.

  14. I’d guess something NY based. I doubt this little pissing contest even registers outside Philly.

  15. I AM ANON-

    Good read. Not really sure how it applies to theartblahg as well, though....He does say: "But I did notice a few comments about people I know and admire on another blog about the art world that made me cringe and wish the now only semi-anonymous author of it would grow a pair, reveal he's the one sponsoring so much venom spewing, and face the consequences of his creation."

    I think that is about artblahg? Keep it coming

  16. It could be, or it could be something happening at any number of other places/blogs. It’s not like anonymity and nastiness have never been witnessed in the same room before. Though who knows? I suppose if you use the whole art world as your toilet eventually you’ll piss on someone who knows Ed.

    I posted the link because it’s nice to have someone frame the issue without getting into specifics, and because I’m interested (as a lurker) to see what kind of comment response it generates on his blog. I just don’t know that this whole kerfluffle would ever reach outside of Philly enough to register - the hyperbolic rhetoric (his and ours) is all strictly local and smallbore.

    How could it apply to theartblahg as well? There have been some cringe-worthy moments that have happened here, when referring specifically to He Who Must Not Be Named :-)

    I’m calling him Voldemort from now on. Though whoever coined the usage of Smeagol gets props from me.

  17. I don't think there have been that many cringe worthy moments here. The comments directed toward Vincent are direct and all responses to what he's created. No one's lied about what he's said or done, even when they are calling him an asshole.


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