Hint #C

So, in our attempt to remain anonymous through unnamed sources and ambiguous posts that may (or may not) relate to the local art scene, we thought it might be nice to let you know where we are. We mean no harm and hold no contempt for anyone, unless there's outwardly vicious and obvious scorn directed our way. *a hem* we think you know who you are.



    >>>We mean no harm and hold no contempt for anyone<<<< Right!

    One name has been removed from the sidebar cause there has been some restraint shown here recently.

    Another Anon

  2. I'm not the author of this blog, Vincent and guess what? I think you're a jackass.

  3. Well, there WAS a caveat in the original post :)

    Anyhoo, take a closer look at that map and you’ll find him. You have to look very closely.

    Hint #C, part B: look for areas not prone to geek-wood-paneling-basement-hideout flooding. Cross-reference with proximity to Radio Shack retail storefronts.

  4. from day one we said it was you losers from Citypaper. Between the Russel Crow and the timing with poor ?little? Robin Rice and the speed at which you answered the post on CP, what more does one need.

    Well you have the bad design, graphics and writing too. And you don't care about artists or those or your competition at Fungholepages and yeoldeartglaz, just Robin and Citypaper.

    It is funny that Robin does a piece on porn and there's a porn ad embedded in the story. Guess you are proud of yourselves. That's what we thought, true feminists.

    You have proven to be 100 percent retarded which is fitting for the shity of brotherly hate.

    Anon like tough talker Anon. What a gang of f'n J.O.

  5. "from day one we said it was you losers from Citypaper”

    Can’t speak for the blog owner, but in my case, WRONG :) All your other guesses, from the beginning of time? also WRONG.

    Keep trying.

  6. This whole thing kind of reminds me of this guy:


    “MY DEARLY BELOVED READERS, -- I will begin with giving an account of my experiences amongst the publicans. Well, I must say that the first man who threw peas at me was a publican, while I was giving an entertainment to a few of my admirers in a public-house in a certain little village not far from Dundee but, my dear friends, I wish it to be understood that the publican who threw the peas at me was not the landlord of the public-house, he was one of the party who came to hear me give my entertainment. Well, my dear readers, it was while I was singing my own song, "The Rattling Boy from Dublin Town", that he threw the peas at me.

  7. also not the blog owner but wrong wrong wrong.

    fail on every level.


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