Hot Hot HOT!

No time for the internet. You can find us at Sahara Sam's Oasis coolin' off! Sike. No, for real. Just kidding. No, really.


  1. Dam, I am selfish with my needs for you to post and post and post. I checked myself tho.

    Whoever is writing this, go head and enjoy your slip and slide.

  2. we knew you loserz couldn't git it up so how could you keep it up. fungholepages can't either, interesting. Not. We never stop bangin' way yo.

    Anon - but hard as steel unlike yous

  3. Make sure to read the warning labels for your Viagra prescription. That bit me in the ass once.

  4. Dear Theartblahg,

    Looking forward to seeing you at Sahara Sam's.

  5. @Vincent 5:45pm

    You're disgusting, really.

  6. so anon 626

    u don't mind posts and talk on anal sex but have a problem wit "allusions" "jokes" to the male organ. interesting.

    aono - u r an anal lover

  7. Dear Vincent,

    You really just don't get it. It is both laughable and pathetic at the same time. You're either too stupid or too old, or both. Go home.

    Talk about your fixation and preoccupation with both feces and your old-man sexual prowess with someone who shares your esthetic. Take some mushrooms or something. Expand your mind a little bit. All of your assumptions about everything are wrong. All of your presumptions about everything are wrong. Honestly man, you just sound like an idiot, not the hip and clever wit you think yourself to be. You are really just making a fool of yourself at this point. It's just hard to believe that you don't- at some level- get that yet.

  8. Dear anusanon

    U are dee foolz and we will keep exposing it whether you git it or not. Do u really think we care about anything said on a shithole like this. Just LOOK at it, ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!

    Butt then we don't care what anyone says, unlike yous. U are the ass lickers not us. U are the establishment suckers, not us. So have a party.

    This blahggo is tired already. U have nothing to do unless we show up. We will only do that when we want a forum to drop a load.

    Go see how we expose the Art Temple as a failed org. Can't cough up a single art star, har.

    F U wittleartblahggosista

  9. You obviously care, since you keep coming back to rant.

    As far as I’m concerned, the main service this blog provides is an opportunity to see your thoughts in naked form, in posts like the above. You’re right that without you in the world, this blog wouldn’t serve much purpose. I’m perfectly fine with that, since there are plenty of other places that serve other purposes.

    I think the Temple thing is boring, by the way. Mountains out of imaginary anthills. Like the rest of your blog. Make what you will of that.

  10. You're an asshole and an idiot, Vincent Romaniello. Theartblahg is excellent and totally rules!

  11. @vincent,
    "ass lickers", "shithole", and "drop a load" all in one post. wow, you are really a class act, vin.

    you are correct IAA, he keeps coming back.

    when and where's your next show, vin? is it at the willow grove wawa? i take that back- I love the wawas and don't want to dis them. by the way,have any of you fellow lurkers (or theartblahg-meister) seen v.r. around at any of the local galleries? has he shown his face around town at all? just curious.

  12. shit breedz more shit- Aristooles

    this webhole is dee best axample o that. u are nothing without therealartblahg and cause you are talentless that makes u less than zero. pack it in and go to the titty bar were u be-slong.

    anon - a therealartblog supporter

  13. Anon 2:18, thank you for taking back your comment about Wawa.

    Wawa is a godsend to the Delaware Valley, whereas Vincent Romaniello is a scourge to the Delaware Valley.

  14. "u are nothing without therealartblahg and cause you are talentless that makes u less than zero.”

    Would that make you zero? Confused by the math here.

  15. Completely agree with your entire comment I AM ANON.


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