SEX Suggestions : ROUND 1

Well, summertime is just around the corner and it's time to start thinking about your upcoming schedules and time to get together with your curatorial friends to have brain hurricanes about your next series of group shows. Today we're taking a few minutes to make some Summer EXhibition Suggestions (SEX'S).

Although video art is as hot as it's ever been right now, we think the current trend may be waning in the next few months. With hotter weather on the horizon, the use of electronic devices in gallery spaces will become less and less popular. Generating heat and causing exhaustion to visitors, media equipment also uses up a lot of energy, money eating devices that aren't necessary during the late spring and summer months. As it turns out, outsider art is on its way back in.

When considering your next few exhibitions, plan on choosing artists whose works are lightweight, both in materials and in content. Think Crayola. Think tempera and gouache. Don't think Rives BFK, it's too heavy - think newsprint and graph paper. There's an entire pool of artists local to Philadelphia who offer these simplistic works, beautiful accessories to any summer exhibition. New media works and electronic devices in a gallery are like heavy cable-knit sweaters - would you want to wear one to your next pool party? We didn't think so.

So get out there and recruit some kindergarteners & some pre-schoolers; get their works up on your walls and show the local art community that it doesn't take higher education to become a successful artist in the contemporary art world.


  1. “Outsider art is on its way back in.”

    I want a T-shirt with this on it.

  2. Oh, and the rest of this is brilliant too. I keep toggling between Genius and Art-World-Zoolander, but either way, WIN.

    The video: WTF. I’d try to figure out what it’s a metaphor but I’m laughing too hard to think straight.

  3. I would like “Outsider art is on its way back in” embroidered onto a cable-knit sweater. Now that's a outfit.

    Once again, theartblahg is a superior read.

  4. In other news, it’s apparently “newsworthy" that artblahg has comments - newsworthy enough to devote a post to pointing it out.

    Comment 14 concludes with:

    "U are the worse kind of a-hole around, an estab-lick-ment art insiderz sympatizer Bendadick Arnhole fool.

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeee ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Is there like a typist’s version of Tourette’s Syndrome?

  5. your artmumz at the original yeoldeartsnog haven't posted in dayz. hey are melting just like yous. We are going strong, hard as nails. and u call this crap a post? what a f'n joke-off.

    Wait til you see the shit we unload on yous fillytowne insider awipez. butt u will be gone drinking and sunning your bald, empty, brainless patez 'down dee shore, har!

    Anon - unlike yous loser, insider, e-stab-lick-dick, aholes. Boy, those new medz are great when washed down wit good scotch. AAAAAWWAAWWAAAWWAAAWWWWWAAAAAWWWWAAAAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Made you look.

  7. Vincent, can't wait to see you at your next 'show.' Sike, you're never having another show. You blow.

    IAMANON, that is newsworthy and thanks for pointing it out. I AM ANON and theartblagh = The New Reuters

  8. "e-stab-lick-dick, aholes"? Excuse me? You can trust me when I say that when I'm drinking my 25 year old Scotch (and I will be this very evening)I won't be pouring any for you, Vinnie.

    theartblahg 1
    Vincent R 0

  9. Tourette’s Syndrome is possible, Paranoid Schizophrenia seems likely, Assholism is definite for Vince Romaniello.

  10. To whoever is writing this:

    You rule.


  11. Yay theartblahg!

  12. I don’t get it, artblahg. Your latest post, I mean. Because nobody listens to your oracular statements, the Tea Party will take over the Philadelphia art scene?

    I’d say I want what you’re smoking, but it’s gotta be laced with PCP.

    You get points for providing arts links, and you’ve actually posted reasonable stuff in the past two weeks, but you’ve got to stop seesawing between halfway-rational and delusionally vindictive.

  13. Look dumbazz, this just showz how completely retarded yous are. We are making a broader point and using satire, ha ha, it's just more entertaining dis way, DUH!

    Du u know what extrapolate means? No, butt u know what a strap on is don't ya?

    Don't u enjoy looking at Rotunda Rice, we mean Robin, wit her teawhacker hat on? And thinking about where things will go when the far out right take over? They will ya know and this site will help lose all the artz funding fillytowne enjoys now. Yippee!!!!!!!!!

    We aren't going to explain to yous. Come back in 30 years after you grow a brain. Butt then again some just never git it.

    BTW Robin will be part of some thang going on at the Wood Churning Centre. Go show your support and throw chipz at her, that is your style, no?

    ANON -like all of yous loserz

  14. You're an idiot, Vince.

  15. Parody is only parody when it’s at least marginally tied to reality. When it’s not, it’s fantasy. It’s the same problem with satire.

    Whatever. I guess I’m just saying what you think is some kind of satiric parody is just…weird and disconnected. It isn’t funny, just puzzling.

    This site will cause Philadelphia to lose arts funding?

    The far right is going to take over, because why? Because I don’t like you?

    What’s your broader point again?

    I take it back. I DO want some of what you’re smoking, just so I can follow this with you, and report my findings back to people in the real world.

  16. U obviously are not artits or u would understand. The Mural Arts thang is a joke run by jokesters and gov. ass kissers. Same with the City Hall Darkroom Program whose current call is for jail birdz and ex-cons. Etc. etc. dotard dim shitted mumz boyz and girlz wit no brain power cause you missed classez every f'n day and when u did go u were sleepin cause u smoked shit at the buss stop yo.

    Robin is a disgrace and just as bad as the far right, a lot like yous. You talk all PC butt are for the establishment that payz your bills. A-holez in mother's words.

    Anon - like you art whimps

  17. "U obviously are not artits or u would understand.”

    I am an artist, actually, and I understand all your references, each and every one of them. I’m on the same mailing lists as you, just like a thousand other people (if not more) in the Philly area.

    I just can’t draw anywhere near the same conclusions you do. From the same set of facts we all share, you go into a fantasy land I just can’t tie to anything resembling plausibility. I’m not talking just about this post but about all your presumptions generally. Judging by the 3 supportive comments you’ve had in the past six months, there aren’t many others who can either. Your earlier post listing all of your “supporters” made that perfectly clear.

    "Anon - like you art whimps”

    Doesn’t it get a bit cognitively dissonant adding this tag line every time you post here? Especially since out of the other side of your mouth you’re constantly extolling the patriotic virtues of anonymity?

  18. "cocknatits and dissandpiss" Wha? Dat is really funny cummin on the heals of two pervoid posts from yous. Ha ha!

    Anon - like u bevis, or r u butthead?

  19. Dear I Am Anon,

    Thanks for reading and keeping up with artblahg. I am fascinated with Vince but won't go to his site.

    It's not possible to respond to anything he writes in his blog because his responses, the writing style and the content, are nonsensical.

    Robin Rice is as dangerous as the far right? And this blog is as dangerous as the far right? That's an indication there's no chance at discourse, it's completely insane and shows he doesn't have a grip on reality.

    And the thing with his semi-veiled anonymity is such bullshit. We all know who he is and he's stroking to the attention, probably until he's got to start showing up at Democratic fundraisers again. At that point he'll be publicly called out because he's implied that his wife is involved with his blahg, and his racist and sexist crap won't seem as Dice-man funny as he'd hoped. Just being real here.

  20. ""cocknatits and dissandpiss" Wha? Dat is really funny cummin on the heals of two pervoid posts from yous. Ha ha!”

    You know what’s funny? How when you have no coherent response to criticism that can hold water, this is all you can come up with.

    I know you are, but what (who) am I?


  21. I Am Anon,

    ""cocknatits and dissandpiss" Wha? Dat is really funny cummin on the heals of two pervoid posts from yous. Ha ha!”

    That's quite an articulate response to your thoughtful and well written comment.

    "I know you are, but what (who) am I?"

    I know you're smart, interesting and care about art, and don't care who you are.


  22. yeah kiddie sex and anus lovin' post are real intelligent. And right on topic for an "Art" blog. Complete idiots. Were is your disscourse on important topics. What have u done lately for fee community except piss on one lobe artist who doesn't give a shit what u think.

    U will be gone as soon as summer hitz just like the rest of the loserz like fungholepages and smurfsinbars.

    And when we don't cum here there is nuttin' happening, hee.

    Wibby and Rotarda and Robin Rice. What a f'n sillytowne. And you backin em up. Wha could bee more perfucked. Stuck a fork in it. You're over done.

    anon no. 2 your artmumz

  23. Vince, you're a one lobe artist? I AM ANON, I'm an artist too but I don't get half of what he's saying. I have no idea what smurfsinbars means.

    Vince, you do come here and we can get a look into your feverish brain. You're self obsessed ass and we can't get enough of you making a fool of yourself. That's why we do what we do.

    gooooooo theartblahg.

  24. artblahg, you’re more funny when you’re unintentionally so. Case in point.

  25. Vin, which is the one lobe you have?

  26. not lobe, load. yous are a wasted lobez. nor brainz=nimwitz

    Anon I m2

  27. “nor brainz=nimwitz”

    I never understood that new math thing.

  28. Oh, and anon 12:53, “smurfsinbars" is

    Though I’ll leave it to the multiply-lobed artblahg friend to explain why smurfs, or why he singles her out for attention. Random victim of the day? Wheel of Fortune selection method? I’m sure there’s a logical explanation.

  29. dear smurfs, duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! cause you post one a millennia like anntoilette and fungalpges your frenz. we are waiting 4u all to drop off the intertoob ramp all together now, all together now, all together now, all together now, all together now, all together now, all together now, sorry, we're stuck in dee mud like yous at thisnastyboringazzblahghole.

    Anon - like your tired smurfz. stop drinking all the booze they pay u off wit for writing about them and maybe u could post more and help dee artists more and, and

  30. …and what? Start wanking you off, so you can type with two hands again?

  31. It just occurred to me now. I don’t know why it didn’t before.

    You think this is some kind of competition, don’t you, artblahg?

    We’re working from different playbooks, I think.

  32. Posted twice and you've helped me out twice, I AM ANON. Foist the <3 thing, now artinbars.

    Clears things up knowing that 'smurfsinbars' is 'artinbars.' Vince is going after 'the man' with his posting. Crushing the establishment by attacking Philadelphia arts and artists. That's Vin's a rebel for you. If you define 'rebel' as 'asshole.'

    Artinbars? I don't even know it but I'll check it out. His personal vendetta is impossible to figure out. The stupid stuff is mixed in with truly horrible stuff.

  33. "What have u done lately for fee community except piss on one lobe artist who doesn't give a shit what u think."

    Vince, you've topped yourself by changing "lobe" to "load." You are no doubt a one load artist. I know that Vincent Romaniello writes artblahg and am tired of his bullsh*t. I thought this was over a year ago but here we are.

    You do give a shit what these people think. Why are you here?

  34. we are fighters and never tire like yous lazy a-holes. mr. V is not here - butt we are here to stay, duh. we not only go after dee big a-wipez, we go after you little tadholes, swish, swish. Cuze u protect the establishment (see the sidebar). as we said before u r wannabeez and that's BAD. dee younginz were the future hope, butt they are worse than their artmumz. Git it yet? we are here for fun too cause yous are so retarded. hee.

    u r welcum that we came here to-day to help your ratingz. we won't be back again until wee feel like it. tomorrow we got a good post and then another one after dat, all lined up already wit cool graphics and idees unlike this dryhole of intellicked. loserz.

    Anon - like u grizzly bears, guuuuuuuuurrrrrrrrrrrrr

  35. Ali could get away with the “fly like a butterfly” bullshit because he was actually fast and could punch. Not to mention linguistically gifted.

    You? Just deluded, baby. You don’t even know where to aim.

  36. "Fly like a butterfly" or "flail arms as if having a grand mal seizure," no contest, artblagh. you lose.

  37. Dear Anon 11:06.

    I like what you said about just being real here: "We all know who he is and he's stroking to the attention, probably until he's got to start showing up at Democratic fundraisers again..." I'll be happy to show up at his next "opening" or at some Democratic meeting in Willow Grove one of these days. He's proven that he can't handle it, clearly (can you, Vincent?

    The message to you, Vincent, is: don't shit where you eat. Since you've already done that, why don't you make an effort to try and clean it up or are you ready to go all the way?

    And Dear IAMANON,
    <3 you, but I think you're giving this guy too much credit. Maybe Vincent Romaniello COULD provide some sort of meaningful commentary, but I really don't think that is what it's about for him. I think he's trying to use several wrappings to conceal his real mission- to be able to slander and trash people under the guise of 'satire' or 'artblog'. Come on, we all know what this guy is. Why are we trying to give it any validation in terms of community or critique? He's a cyber-bully and an asshole. There's nothing legit about him. Sometimes a cigar is just a good smoke, and yes, he views this blog as a competition.

  38. So when you loserz realize that u are f'd u resort to threats. Funny u use the term cyberbully when u push this hate speak against a lone artist and his wife. and now term seems to be used by a few of yous, do u have little meetings and figure out how to disparage this artist. Whatever, we don't care, we are just pointing out that what therealartblahg has been saying about the unethical, hateful stanz the establishment and wannabeez have taken is all tru, this is just more proof.

    we call you bullies when u exclude others from the media, shows and grants. u are sickening and all your diversions will not help u one bit. we are strong and never going away, u are weak and stupid so u have no chance. this ugly, contenless bloghole os more proof of that. Same wit fungholepages and yeOLDEartmumz and shitpaper, smellebrity and shilladelphia weakly, the inky parchment paper hole and, and

    Therealartblahg is Reck-oning Day for you foolz and u are crying like baybees. We knew u would, we knew u would lash out at someone, anyone u could. U need a target after all since ghost writers and ghost artists are hard to attack, swish, bam, boom!!!!!!!!!!!

    F U all. likesomebodycares what you think.

    Anon 2 like u

  39. "We knew u would, we knew u would lash out at someone, anyone u could.”

    - a fair description of the artblahg site.

    "Same wit fungholepages and yeOLDEartmumz and shitpaper, smellebrity and shilladelphia weakly, the inky parchment paper hole and, and “

    - twice you’ve done this. Are you just so angry you can’t even finish your sentences?

    Happy Memorial Day everyone. Get your grill on.

  40. Back at you I AM ANON, Happy Memorial Day. I'm going to grill it like Li'l Wayne.

    "We knew u would, we knew u would lash out at someone, anyone u could.”

    Yes, it is a fair description of the artblahg site.

    This site, and the comments, are a response to artblahg and the author of artblahg. That simple.

  41. y aren't u responding u establismnet banner ad sucking wannabee threat mongering dumbass no content lazzy barbie q in your beer breath teeth dead animal skin and flesh lovin tough talk no action anon hole. stick a fork in it.

    we have a suggestion. y don't u just rename this snog Therealartblahg vs the Loser Idiots, by bev-azz and butthead.

    happy happy dotardz

  42. Responding to what? Did you say something?

  43. Artblahg, that statement defines 'gibberish.'

  44. Wondering who you think is f'd here? Far as I can tell, you have attacked any number of people who you think might be writing here. You are completely incorrect, I might add. Now that you are no longer anonymous and everyone knows who you are, and what as asshole you are, one can be certain you are the only f'd one.

  45. On another topic:

    Look toward the end of the article: Mr. Trecartin’s rumored to be moving back to L.A.

    I’ll grant artblahg the point on that one. Stayed long enough to pick up some dough.

    You’re still an asshat though artblahg :-)

  46. In Mr. Trecartin's defense, I wouldn't turn down the chance to show a lot of work at MOCA Pacific Design Center. And if there was an opportunity to move to another city, LA, from a city I hadn't lived in that long, PHL, I would consider it.

    There's chances, with emphasis on the word 'chance' to apply for or be nominated for money in every big city in the US and his getting cash wasn't guaranteed. I could be wrong, but I don't think anyone comes to Philadelphia hoping to have art money fall in their lap.

    He's about 15 years old, why not go to as many places as he can?

    What do you think IAA?

  47. and artblahg is still an asshat. without the hat.

  48. Yous are always pussy futtin around and never take an all out stand against the establishment. U are hateful to the max when it comez to your crits of a fellow lone artist VR. Butt when it cums to establishment artists and institutions you are total pussies. What does this say about yous???? U are one of dem thatz what it says, again!!!!!!! The proof is on the right column of this shithole and your silence. Join Robin Rice and Dick Torchia and Roberta Fallon and Wibby and Citypaper and Philadelphia Weekly and the Inquirer and keep you mouths zipped tight if it's the least bit controversial no matter how much it sucks.

    Anon - like all u loserz

  49. shut up Vincent artblug

  50. I packed my "artblahg supersecret decoder ring" away for the weekend, sorry.

  51. I know why Vince is focused on Robin, Libby and Roberta, but why so nuts about Dick Torchia? Because Vince didn't get into Works on Paper or because Vince was called out on his blatant lies about the show? Or both?

    Mista Romaniello, shine a light on this. At this point this is your only forum and readers want to know.

    Readers also can see right through your false critique of the establishment as personal attacks. Dummy.


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