Thievery Incorporation

Occasionally art thieves are commissioned by dedicated private collectors to infiltrate houses of cultural recognition, with the expectation that they escape with priceless artifacts. It is not often that they are successful, but from time to time art theft occurs, and most times there is no way to recover what went missing. "Stolen art is sometimes used by criminals to secure loans." There has been proof that some contemporary art theft is linked to the conspiring and ubiquitous drug trade. In recent news, a famed work of art has been "mysteriously removed" from North London's Angel Tube Station. Charles Bronson (god rest his soul), a well known American actor-turned-European-criminal, is better known for his starring roles in the Death Wish series of feature length films, but has recently become popular for his artistic commentary on the political conditions in Great Britain. Reminiscent of works by R. Crumb, his childlike depictions are highly sought after in today's market and are even more difficult to find in that market. It's no wonder someone felt the need to make this priceless work of art their own.


  1. Hopefully someone was able to trade that piece for a fish and chips platter.

  2. We voted Yes, to take this down, and it didn't register. This is a scam like everything else about this site.

    One question. Why don't you ever talk about serious topics the way the bloack you are imitating does? Don't want to go against your establishment friends maybe? Go away.

    Your content is terrible, if you can even call it that.

  3. The blahg this site is imitating IS a serious topic. The only one this blog needs, in my opinion.

    If you think artblahg’s aggregate contribution to the Philadelphia art scene is positive, you haven’t read it closely or for any length of time.

    No one (I think) takes much issue with challenging the establishment or calling for a better way of doing things.

    Here are my main problems with artblahg:

    1. THE METHODOLOGY IS ABORTIVE: artblahg’s methodology has the exact opposite effect if he really intends to encourage artists to unify and create a better outcome here in Philly. He divides. It’s what he does.

    2. EVERYONE IS A BENEDICT ARNHOLE: Look at your resume. If you’ve shown here, teach here, or work for an art organization, or even volunteer for one, by artblahg’s definition you’re the establishment. Sorry. In the new world order, you’re screwed. In real terms, that means every single artist in Philadelphia. Try to square that with the idea of improving the Philadelphia art scene and you’re left with the only solution: deport everyone and bring in 5000 new people.

    3. SATIRE IS LEGAL, BUT LIBEL IS ILLEGAL: Committing libel on individuals for whom you happen to have an axe to grind is not challenging the establishment. It’s libel.


    Read the whole thing. Seriously, comments and all, all the way back to October or whenever this fiasco started. Follow his links to his associated libel blogs. Do some research on the people he’s actually talking about. Compare what the rest of the universe says about these people and what artblahg says.

    Hopefully armed with a complete perspective you’ll begin to understand exactly what this man is really about.

    Oh, and by the way: last night I saw 3 NO’s, and now I see 4. How is that a scam?

  4. This blahug was set up by Beth and Anntoiette who both work for Libby and Roberta, conflict much. They have just used the same exact language they have used in the past to stand up for their art moms. They left damning evidence in the way of admin links and other internet connects to tie them to this for sure.

    They are posers and don't do any art but call themselves artists just like 90 percent of the assholes that come here.

    You say there are problems but don't back it up with content, why? There are hundreds of good artists left out unlike you say here. You are liars or fools to say that. Maybe someday when you grow up and are still on the outside along with most of your friends you will see.

    Robin Rice and Citypaper and artblog are all part of the problem as is the Inquirer. If you don't get that you are the same as them.

    Add up the number of people who voted and it doesn't match up. Can't you do anything right?

    One more thing. Who would listen to any no talents like you have design and write and steal graphics for. No credibility. You suck all the way around. And you are crying victims, that's the biggest joke of all.

  5. We tried again to vote Yes to shut this down and it didn't work. Nice.

    We agree with everything therealartblahg is doing. You are here for one reason, to back up all your friends on the sidebar with your free banner ads and railing against those who have brought the real problem, you, to light. How stupid do you think we all are?!

    We never thought theoldeartblog was good and if you go there right now you will see it is boring and again taking about the same 5 Grizzly groups.

    Go away and stop crying that someone has actually reviewed you for once.

  6. It's great that you posted a serious answer, but it's Vincent who wrote the comment above. As you must know, there's no way to respond to what he says or does.

    vincent romaniello: "Here's some fucked up slander, a outright lie about something, a sexist statement and something intended to hurt someone's career. And something intended to hurt someone personally. And I'll write it in barely coherent baby talk."

    anonymous responder: "That's fucked up and you are wrong, and it's slander which is why I am addressing it and not ignoring it. Here are the facts proving that you are wrong. Here's a logical question asking why you are writing this."

    vincent romaniello: "an incomprehensible statement with infantile feces references and hundreds of superfluous letters"

    What's the point of responding to him? He seems to get off on any response or attention but has no ability to respond to genuine questions or concerns. Subpoenas have to be coming on in at some point, maybe he'll regain his ability to speak coherently then. Or maybe not. He might respond that the grandson of Sam was telling him to write that shit.

    Theartblagh is great. Keep it going. We need a forum and you are doing all of us a solid for having it up.

  7. "We tried again to vote Yes to shut this down and it didn't work. Nice. “

    I count six NOs now, which I assume is you and Artblahg voting, 7 minutes apart no less. How hard is it to understand a counter, anyway?

    @artblahg: you’re incapable of recognizing that one can believe that there are severe problems in the way the art world is structured, AND believe that some individuals may be part of the problem, AND STILL THINK YOU, ARTBLAHG, ARE IN THE WRONG.

    And that, artblahg, is YOUR problem, and why with the exception of Mary here, everyone has stopped commenting on your blog. There’s no reason to. You’ll just have more fuel for your hate.

    "You say there are problems but don't back it up with content, why? There are hundreds of good artists left out unlike you say here.”

    I don’t say there aren’t. I do say that if they ever get a show, you’ll denounce them as insiders.

    "Maybe someday when you grow up and are still on the outside along with most of your friends you will see.”

    I’m older than you, probably more on the outside than you are. I still think you’re fucked up and have no idea how to go about effecting real change.

  8. Hahaha. You people saying that we are manipulating the poll are out of your minds. We can't manipulate the voting. The widget is set up by Blogger and doesn't allow for that. You are the same people that said that city paper banned you when it wasn't working for anyone.

    Learn how to use the internet.

    Also, wrong again about the authors of this blog.
    I'll give you two hints:
    We are not members of any collective.
    We are not represented by any galleries.

  9. Anonymous at 7:30: Right on. This asshole had made it difficult for us to address real problems about the structure of the art world here because here we are paying attention to one mentally ill guy.

  10. Vincent, you made your hate blogs about the wrong people. you were a prick before but now you're exposed as an idiot among idiots. now you're a criminal to boot. Get ready for some legal fees.

    I think you're crazy, that's obvious, but not like some of the others here who think you're dangerous. I think you are a coward and an asshole. When I see you it's going to be a pleasure to tell you to your face.

  11. Vincent, you are a bully who hides behind the skirts of the anonymity offered by the internet. Now that those of us who have objected to your ways see who you are and are calling you on it by mirroring your poor and sophomoric behavior (like the writers of this blog), you are saying that it is somehow unfair. How so? Just get out of town, you sissy. You are only brave when you are hiding. Let's all meet in a public place, want to? I asked you a month ago and you refused. I not only know WHO you are, Vincent. I also know WHAT you are, and so does everyone here. The jig is up Vincent. Give it up and go home. And, you still haven't got the foggiest idea of who I am. You are so ice cold. I didn't realize we were voting, so Yes to Theartblahg. Keep on keepin on. And NO to you, Vincent. You're just a sad little balloon.

  12. @Vincent 4:44, 7:11 & 7:18,
    If you can't protect yourself in comment sections using a fake personality, than you really can't do so trying to be yourself. You suck. You call what you do criticism? You've just insulted another community.

  13. did I vote yes to the artblahg when i should have voted no? I'm confused. I vote for keeping THEartblahg and to throwing egg on Vincent. You count the yeses and nos. You understand my intent, I hope.

  14. Vote NO, if you don’t want this site (THEartblahg) taken down.

    Vote YES, if you do.

    You can change your vote by clicking on “change your vote”.

  15. Berth,

    You are right, he can't even change up his fake writing enough so we think it's someone else.

    I keep thinking that I can logically get to the bottom of what he's writing, but noooooooooo. The E. Brown fake site is FUCKING CRAZY CRAZY NUTS!

    Soooo Vincent Romaniello is thinking, "I made a video about you but you don't think that my vitriol is acceptable so I'm going to make an insulting and potentially damaging website about you"? I disagree with the poster above, I think he is dangerous.


  17. Yo! Artists at Sage! Vincent Romaniello writes this:

    You guys, can you please give some insight into WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH VINCENT ROMANIELLO? I'm not saying you have anything to do with his blahg, but PLEASE could you shed some insight into what his problem is?

    Jon Manteau, Paul Behnke, Don Kaiser, Nic Coviello, Heather Raquel Phillips, Deborah Raven, Michael Young, Harold Venable, Bob Barbera, you have all worked with him. What's the problem?


  18. whoa. way to call em out anon 1:38

  19. While I do think it’s interesting that Don Kaiser is in Sage Projects and also in a show that artblahg chose to present favorably yesterday, and I do wonder what the Sage folks think…

    I’m not too keen on calling them out in this manner. They are in all likelihood innocent bystanders in this fiasco.

  20. what a bunch of pussies. We are laughing at your oink oinks.

    Now listen up cause this is simple. Wee did not publish any real names until you and citypaper did which was simultaneous.

    We did not make webpages about your loser frenz until you kept it up and got worse here... Although we mean every last word and no one can stop the freedom of speech yo.

    grow up and TAKE RESpONSIBILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lastly. We told yous we would take down the artist websites when you closed your bloghole. U have not. The offer still standz, duh.

    Butt if it is still here wee will escalate.

    U are to blame so quit squealin' like wittle girlz.

    Your art mumz Libby, Rotarrda, Robin and the rest got you into this deeper than u wanted to be. Now u blame us. pleeeeeeeeeeezzzzz!!!!!!

    NO REAL ARTIST would waste a second of their time here. Wee were busy doing what real artists du while yous were whackin off here, all 2 of yous.

    Wait til you see our next stories and profiles on the Clay Studio and Nellie Brown and Rob Solomon and Rob Matthews and Sid Sach and oh wee bought up a lot of goot namez. Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    we posted 2 yeses and 2 nos because we can and to prove this poll is something u should suck on of wiggle your way down on, whatever your sex preference if u have a sex Pat. Ever here of web proxies and anon serving u foolz? hee.

  21. Shiva The DestroyerMay 5, 2010 at 6:16 PM

    Hey everyone! I suggest that we all show up at the next SAGE event! Whatta ya say? And oh, Vincent, shut your filthy mouth. The whole town will want to come out to celebrate Vincent Romaniello! Don't you think?

    Don't you DARE presume to say that you offered to take your websites (plural)down. You began this and this blog is in response to your foulness. Whoever writes this is mirroring you,you fucking idiot! Cease and desist- I asked you 2 months ago and I have nothing to do with the writer of this blog nor do I know anyone who comments here. Take it down, you ass, and don't play like you're the injured party. You want to threaten people with what you're going to do? Wonder how your wife's political aspirations would hold up to the things you've written? You see, the door can and does swing both ways. You're the aggressor, you're the perpetrator. Take them ALL down.

  22. this is great kiddies. see, they don't care about your reps, they want us to go away so that they, citypaper, Pew, PCA, Clay Workshop, Vox, Grizzly, Tiger Strikes, all of them are free of us. Well dat ain't gonna happen.

    We will take down the artists special pages and we would go back and put fake names on everything except Robin Rice, Citypaper and others who blatantly attacked an innocent artist, just like all of yous, after he said flat out it wasn't him according to that rag and in our interview.

    Your mums and the author of this blagh doesn't want dat, they say screw u artists, wee just care about us.

    So what it is, one innocent artist u are attaking wit no audience or us wit hundreds everyday wit links to your sorry asses, and wee mean sorry asses who deserve to be exposed as posers.

    over and out. Goot luck to yous.

  23. “...after he said flat out it wasn't him according to that rag and in our interview.”

    Post that email exchange, please. With full raw headers.

  24. To clarify: if you don’t post the email exchange documenting that interview, we have no reason to believe you.

    Well, we STILL won’t have much reason to believe you, but since all we have to go on presently is “i asked that guy and he said he wasn’t me”, it’s a bullshit alibi.

    Refusing to do so I’ll take as confirmation that you’re full of shit.

  25. You sound like an asshole and a funny one at dat. U are making deemandz by what authority again, har? Read the article in your shitpaper. Wee have made our position clear to all u insiderz. Take this down and wee will take off the names that wee never wanted to post in the first place and the individual artists Special Editions. Simple, sí?

    Remember, wee are unaffected by whatever you do. The artist you are attacking can take his own action and there is only one of him. We will help him if he asks but you attacked him not us. It is a disgrace really.

    There are a lot of yous and more to cum if this goes on. Wee do it as a free service to those who try and out us and those that are attacked because of us.

    Check out our next great story tomorrow kidz. It might include one of yous!!!!!!!! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wit full headjobz. H+H

  26. "You sound like an asshole and a funny one at dat. U are making deemandz by what authority again, har?”

    The same power that invests you with the authority to talk out of your ass, invests me with the authority to call you on it. Suck it :P

    "Read the article in your shitpaper.”

    I’m sorry, what? Whose paper?

    "Wee have made our position clear to all u insiderz.”

    No insiderz here. You haven’t named me once, not even close. Though once you do, if you pull an ellie brown on me I’ll be happy to sue your ass. It’s what I would do if I were her. And you know what? She would fucking win. Look up the legal definition of libel; you’re committing it in so many clear ways it’s not even funny. Bye bye anonymity.

    "Take this down and wee will take off the names that wee never wanted to post in the first place and the individual artists Special Editions. Simple, sí?”

    I didn’t put it up, hombre. And if you never wanted to post those names, why did you? Is your definition of revenge “I’ll just take a shotgun and shoot whoever happens to be walking by”? Is it some kind of involuntary compulsion with you, where you wake up the next morning wondering “what happened last night? Who did I hate blog?"

    "Remember, wee are unaffected by whatever you do. The artist you are attacking can take his own action and there is only one of him. We will help him if he asks but you attacked him not us. It is a disgrace really.”

    He is you. The fact that you refuse to back up your claims is proof enough for me.

    "There are a lot of yous and more to cum if this goes on. Wee do it as a free service to those who try and out us and those that are attacked because of us.”

    I didn’t expect any different. As they say, if it’s broke, why fix it?

  27. anon 1:58, I think it's a valid question to ask how others in a collective feel about Vincent's attack on the arts community. It doesn't mean that they have anything to do with Vincent's blog, but they do work with him and could provide some insight into why he went off the deep end and what his motivation is. I think it's also important to know if he poses a danger more than his slanderous postings and websites.

    Does anyone know any of the SAGE artists? Can you ask them directly? I think it would provide some insight into what's happening.

  28. Wee can't tell u how much we luv it when you sickos show your tru colors. U don't even realize it. U think this hateblag is cool and is going to get u some satisfaction. It's not. No one will find u and if they do when they read a couple of your raving mad hatefilled attacks against ONE artist, they are going to be sick and leave. U are so over dee top with hate just because someone on their personal little blog that caught fire had the nerve to criticize your shit artwork. Get over it. If you can't take it go into something else. Not one of u sound anything like a real artist wee ever met. Freakoidzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So to us this means this is how yous insiderz act. How u really are. And isn't that just what therealartblahg has been saying all along?

    Your done. When we stop leaving our loadz here the three of you will be bored and whack off alone. U mean less than zero to us except for the fun of fuckin wit u brainless nasty foolz and showing people what you are REALLY like, just like wee have been saying all along.

  29. Party Host: “Hey Pot, come on over here and meet Kettle.”

    Kettle: “Yo, Pot.”

    Pot: "Something special for Nellie Brown. Wee hear your voice and it gratez on us. Wee have to expose your arrogance now. Wee have tried to bee kind to u kiddies but u are way too stupid to git it.

    This is just a draft, more linkz and comments to cum. Hope yous all enjoy it. It is 100% truthful. Wee do not engage in hate like yous, wee have not used all of your real names yet although you seem not to appreciate that and continue to try and out artists from our community with their names.

    The amount of establishment ass kissing going on here is amazing and sickening. You insidera are fuleing dis, u wannabees are complete suckerz. Remember none of this affects us, wee are above it and insulated. U are the onez who are going to fel the reprocussionz of your actions as wee lead the grown upz to each of you one at a time. Wee are in hurry, butt as you can see are supper fast cause wee are proz unlike you foolz and posers.


    Kettle: “You’re fucked up, Pot."

  30. u deserve us. RECKONING DAY HAS COME 4 yous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did u think u could screw everyone forever and git away wit it??????????????

    wee have given yous options butt arrogance makes u fuck your frenz. so y should wee care. our statements are heartfelt like them or not. that is what criticism lloks like, not the ass licking u are used to from RObin and Libby and Eddie and Ed and Victoria and funnelpages and citypaper and phillyweekly and the inquirer and, and. Insert insane laughter here for u who think we are dangerous________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Anon like all yous tough talkers

  31. Was that you, or a parody of you? I can’t tell the difference anymore.

  32. I think that last one (anon 3:38) was supposed to be a parody but I'm not sure.

  33. Inadvertent parody is the funniest kind.

  34. can't you even set your clock right. what a bunch of loserz, all the way around. LOOK at this shithole, it is stone fuckin ugly which comes from the same brain.. it can't be helped. U are seen in all of your nasty no talent colorz. F off retardz.

  35. "it is stone fuckin ugly”

    What, was the blog owner TOO accurate in mimicking your site? Whoops.

    P.S. How do you know the blog owner dude isn’t in California? It’s not like she/he has ever indicated that she/he actually KNOWS anything about the philly art scene. Just that s/he thinks you’re a jerk.

    He’s much more of a ghost than you ever were.

  36. “what a bunch of loserz, all the way around.”

    Sticks and stones, my friend.

  37. ugly mindz ugly work no talent use your eyez and any fool can see this site is a shithole wit no talent sucky graphics all picked up and no mission other than to hate. not even close to therealartblaugh and u know it. u can't wish for talent and skillz u have to du the work butt u can't cause u don't have the powers. U are retardz as are your mumz. wee don't give a fuck where u are from but your bad work indicates filly, the town where losers go and stay and never leave cause no one will take them cause they go zero to offer. LOOK AT THIS SITE WIT YUR EYEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. “The town where losers go and stay and never leave cause no one will take them cause they go zero to offer.”

    That explains you, then.


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