Cinco de Mayo!

It's that time of the year again, time to celebrate Mexico's liberation from France! We like to honor the holiday by creating picture frames over our mantles with extremely long extension cords. What do you do in appreciation of the Battle of Puebla?

We also like to juice our own blood oranges in preparation for mixing a margarita to imbibe while stepping back to really enjoy our handiwork (as seen above). Cheers!


  1. St. Patrick's Day - Ireland + Mexico = Cinco de Mayo in Philadelphia

  2. theartblahg is da best!!!!!!!

  3. "artblahg: Censore-shit!!! Fungholepages, AGAIN!!!!!!!!!”

    Hey artblahg: Blogs are not a democracy. Nobody wants to post your comments anymore? Tough titties. It ain’t censorship no matter how you slice it.

    By the way, nice job critiquing a show you haven’t seen, and isn’t even open yet. I guess you get kudos for going all meta and “critiquing" the announcement as a proxy…but on a poop-meter you get 11 for trashing something pre-emptively, site unseen, solely because John Kyu is associated with it.

    Getting personal, much? Do you ever write something where you DON’T have an axe to grind? It’s a beautiful day out, go get some sun hon.

    Love you,

  4. It is simple artard... wee can crit announcemenst, catalogs and even the way a website is designed and whether they du a good job of communicating to their audience what the fuck they are suppose to be shitting out. We can also crit critz like yours which shows your head is way up your anus newbie. We didn't know John Dung was ass-ociated wit this and couldn't care less. Who the fuck is he anywayz?????? We made a point, take it or leave it, wee are trying to help your Arrested Developmental foolz. Maybe you should all go out into the real world of competing wit real artists and then try and write your own shit and put your baby farts out dare!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fungholepages has a lot of nerve protecting their wittle frenz and the insiderz club they wannabee in soooooooo b a d!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CENSORE-SHIT sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Yeah, you can…but it’s boring and irrelevant. Go see the show and then trash that. That, at least, I’ll halfway respect.

  6. Y would anybody go based on what they have done to git us out??????????????? Don't u think that counts??????? Is it because their f'n repz are so f'n great????????? NNNNNOOOOOOOO. Grow a BRAIIIINNNNN. It is part of the job. Like there is nothing else to du than cum over to your hole, WHYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Simple, sí?

  7. No, I don’t think it counts. If there’s such great shit to cover in Philly that isn’t getting its due, why are you wasting your time pissing on inadequate press releases?

    If this is what you waste your time on, then yeah - you’ve got nothing better to do than come over to that hole (it ain’t mine).

  8. The way it's written has a lot to du with the work and the intent and philosophy behind it which we could gravitate towards or away from. This helpz us and everyone else decide how to spend our valuable time, our lives that are ticking, tick, tick, tickng by. This goes double for unproven artists. It sounds like school rectumerick, they kind wee dislike. So listen to us or not, wee are done wasting our time trying to help u. U don't know how extrapolate information out of our fiction of a presentation cause u are artards. Make dumb excuses for your frenz who btw it looks like a conflict to bee featuring without mentioning your association, same wit Erin you foolz. U are turning out as bad as your art mumz, and thatz why we go after them so u will learn they are WRONGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. No idea who's posting here in the comments but who ever writes this blagh is wicked excellent. The peeps who write the comments 2 get Mista Romaniello all frothing at the mouth r wicked excellent, too. Wish I could meet u all for a drink!

    Seems like Mista Vince Romaniello has been a corked up bottle for a lllllllllooooooonnnnnnnnggggg time n those who know him are surprised at the amount of his vitriol, but aren't shocked. He's been quietly furious with his failure as an artist for quite some time, before sage. He's a narcissist though, and thinks it's unfair that he's not thought of as the bastard child of Julian Schnabel and Jackson Pollock. Noooooo joke. Course, he's proven 2 be a bastard time n time again, but not the bastard he'd prayed he'd be seen as. Vince has always thought he's been overlooked as a genius n very jealous of local artists who are successful, despite that he's worked with so many local artists n worked in a collective and made those videos about local artists. N he's furious at the critics n writers n every peep in the world who doesn't say he's da sh-t 24-7. I think I know what caused Vince 2 snap n slither down 2 the insane cesspool he's created. He's got a back story like a cartoon nemesis from batman, "I perceive a fictitious affront n now I've lost my mind n will devote all my time 2 this loony writing." It's not that hard to ask around 2 see if I'm right.

    What 2 do, what 2 do. It's not that easy 2 ignore him. He goes after those who he's worked with, see E. Brown, all Philly arts press, anyone who writes about art in Philly, anyone working in an arts organization in Philly, any Philly group giving out grants, anyone who expresses an opinion disagreeing with his bullsh-t, any number of Philly artists, except for those who he's showed with who haven't publicly stated that he's f-cked up, n last, but not least, the peeps who he thinks are writing this blahg.

    My guess is 1 person in sage might know what he's doing, but the others don't and they need to be on the lookout because it's unfair that Vince's breakdown is going to bite them in the a-s. That's real, because sh-t is going to hit the fan at some point and he's going to f-ck all the peeps he's worked with who have nothing to do with his blagh. That's reaalllly unfair. He made that E. Brown video n now he's having an illegal hate page about her? Does any1 know why? Intervention, any1?

  10. To VM c/o artblahg,
    About "Renoir:The Fat Pink Years". I hope Libby sues your ass for that pic.

    You suck dick.

  11. "The way it's written has a lot to du with the work and the intent and philosophy behind it which we could gravitate towards or away from. This helpz us and everyone else decide how to spend our valuable time, our lives that are ticking, tick, tick, tickng by.”

    Ticking by so fast that you barely had time to be pissed off that your comment wasn’t posted and decide to reframe it as a censorship issue on your own blog.

    Dude, the comment was a worthless dump-taking on a show you’ve never seen. Period. It deserved rejection. You turned its rejection into a blog post because you were angry, not because it was news.

    And because you’re always angry, everything that happens to you is news. Oh yeah, except for In that case you were fully justified in crying censorship because I know from insider frenz that they turned off their whole website just to piss you off.

    re: anon 10:09 AM, this is yet another example where, all denials to the contrary on the part of artblahg, the obviousness of his petty, personal aggrievement shines through.

  12. Yeah we are sure a judge will give them a subpoena for doing a caricature. What kind of artists are you? Did you get any education at all? Did you ever read a book? See all these famous people google search>caricature>images then add historical since you don't know what a book looks like. The judge will fuck them up for asking. If they get one we will counter make and everyone else out to look like the commies they are. This url will be one of the first after Citypaper. Teabaggers welcome here!!!!!!!!!

    All public figures including artists and writers are fair game. Plus we would love it for some arts related institution or artist to sue for this kind of thing. Remember the NEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to join their ranks and piss on the fisting photos?

    What a bunch of fucking idiots. We are still waiting to hear from one person with a brain here.

  13. Actually, it’s not *that* difficult. 90% of what you post already meets three of the four criteria for libel. The fourth - the published content must contain a false fact - wouldn’t be too hard, since you stuff your posts with so much crap and innuendo that one of them is bound to be demonstrably untrue.

    The picture referenced above wouldn’t qualify; it’s caricature. It’s an interesting window into the inner workings of your sad mind, but yeah, it’s not actionable in of itself.

  14. YEAH citypaper you better look into it. Have you seen the Onion lately? You are so full of shit it's not funny. Take this rod and shove it a-hole. Tell your lawyer experts that fuck face. Bring it on and let's see what happens. You lose and therealartblog wins either way, don't you see that. AGAIN the dumbest crowd we have ever seen. You will make them bigger and bigger and the entire nation will know about them like that 14 yr. old fashion blogger who simply had her bloger account SUSPECDED for a couple days, imagine a picture of an art blogger doing criticism and cartoons in a photo over AP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's go now!!!!!!

  15. I’m not citypaper, idiot.

    Onion wins out because their content is clearly not malicious (one of the 4 criteria for libel). Yours is, evident both in of itself and by comments like the above.

    Give me another example.

  16. @Vincent

    You know, I'm glad that this is happening. For the arts community in Philadelphia to give you any kind of pass on the malice you spew is wrong. Any way you look at it. I hope that someone who reads this is able to notify the people at SAGE about how they are being sucked into your cesspool - guilty through association, sorry to say. You've had multiple opportunities to rein yourself in, to pull back, to tone down. Even to disappear. But you keep on thowing it out. How could you not think it would come back to bite you in the ass? And don't think that it won't; it already has it's teeth sunk into your fat behind and you're so busy parading around like a puffed up pigeon that you haven't even noticed.

    I'll wait for your angry, unintelligible, and frothing-at-the-mouth response which, no doubt, will be arriving shortly. I pity you.

  17. Vincent, you are mistaken again. The post about Arcadia is libel. There are other posts that have purposeful misinformation that could "injure or harm the reputation of a living person." You published a post with both misleading and libelous statements this week. Vince, you haven't understood the difference between caricature and libel since you began artblahg. I shouldn't need to tell you this, but libel is defined as "a published false, malicious statement." Defamation, both slander and libel, is a crime. Slander is spoken defamation, libel is published defamation.

    I'm flabbergasted by your ignorance about one of the most basic legal definitions, for an obvious reason. You are quite a liability, Vince. Liability and libel, hand in hand. This is a real problem, Vince, and you need to clean it up real fast. There's a lot of other things that I'm not writing that would prompt you to take down artblahg. I took out a sentence that had public information, but public information you're not eager for everyone to hear in this forum. You have no idea who I am and I'm sorry we couldn't have had a face to face discussion. We could have discussed this in a private forum, but you've proved that you'll attack anyone who disagrees with you. Apparently it includes people who you have worked with in the past.

    Ed Rendell required all schools in the state to put a cyber bullying disciplinary code in place in early 2009. That law is intended to protect school children. Defamation laws are for adults, who purposely intend to harm another person's reputation or career through false statements and have been in effect for many, many years. Caricature and parody are not impacted by defamation laws, and most of your content falls into parody, but some of it is textbook libel.


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