Thirst Fry Day

Break out those FryDaddy®'s, it's the first of the month and we're happy to announce the opening of our new space, Kentucky Fried Arts. A collective dedicated to bringing light to the under-appreciated and overly under-rated fine art of fried food arrangements, our first exhibition is by Japanese artist Sanpan Sokutokan who focuses on the delicacy of the lotus and creates abstract patterns by carefully stacking his paper-thin slices, creating melodic undulations of vibrant, crisp beauty. On view through Memorial Day, Sokutokan's work is accompanied by a selection of calming watercolors depicting the lotus flower, a necessary divergence from (and complement to) the oily sculptures.


  1. Racist dogs!!! This site sucks. We hacked your poll, it is easy to vote more than once, we did it yesterday. What a bunch of jo's.


  2. We love you too.

  3. Oh, hey everyone! Did I mention I am experienced commenter from shitartblahg? Well, I am and I wanted to let you know the thing that makes Rectal Minion Novel really mad. Just call him old, Oldy McOldson.

    Food for thought.

  4. I'd barely call this post racist. Also, if you hacked their poll why do you - still - only have eight votes?

  5. It would be pretty easy to spoof the poll, actually. Switch browsers, or delete the cookie that the poll result is stored in.

    But seriously, has anybody bothered? Raise your hands if you care enough. I don’t. This is one of those non-issues artblahg gets fixated on in OCD fashion to change the subject instead of responding in any kind of real way to the criticism leveled at him.

  6. Tune into the realartblahg for the finest in entertainment at the expense of you cocky wittle a-holez who think way more of yourself than your mumz even du. This is not us talking it's anon, anon, your sista and another one of your frenz from Tyler Inc. where u learned to be stupido and are paying the bank for the privilege and gettin' no wherez fast. Time to plug dis intertoob whole u establishment sucking insider wannabee nobodies. That is after u all circle jerk at your First Fryday bad "art" har, beer drinking parties.


  7. ? Are you drunk already, artblahg? It’s only 9 PM.

  8. Hip hip Hoooorah theartblahg! I love it when Vincent says THIS MY LAST VISIT then posts a comment 5 hours later.

  9. It's kind a weird to me that you keep using this guy's name and none of you seem to know who he is or even met him, at least that's what a lot of you said. How can you do that? On hearsay alone and from the enemies of artblog? Did any of you ask him? Plus the blog you are attacking is quite good and just because you say it's not doesn't change that fact.

    It seems like you are just out for blood, anybody you can attack just because they don't agree with you and you don't know them. You are actually helping to make their point - that if you are on the outside you are treated like shit. There is nothing that compares to the hate on the other blog like the hate and personal attacks here.

    If you are successful in bringing people here you will just make the arts community look completely sick. Do you really think this is helping Philadelphia?

    I know you will say this is them writing about themselves but that's not true either. There are many people who like the blog and the artists of your hate.

  10. "Plus the blog you are attacking is quite good and just because you say it's not doesn't change that fact.”

    That’s opinion, not fact, actually. And while I think you make some valid points about the kind of commenting going on here, if you think artblahg is some kind of virtuous practice you’re not reading closely enough - or for long enough. The true nature of artblahg can be seen in the kind of responses he gives here, if you can’t deduce it from his “official” content.

    "There is nothing that compares to the hate on the other blog like the hate and personal attacks here. “

    You simply aren’t reading artblahg, there or here, if you believe this.

    "If you are successful in bringing people here you will just make the arts community look completely sick. Do you really think this is helping Philadelphia?”

    I think that’s probably true- though not for the reasons you cite - and frankly I think the best bet going forward is to ignore artblahg altogether. At this point this site just enables him. I’m going to be tucking both of these things away for awhile.

    "There are many people who like the blog and the artists of your hate.”

    I can’t speak for the artist VR, since I’ve never met him, and don’t refer to him much here - hence artblahg instead of VR. I will say I know MANY people in the art community, and not ONE has expressed a favorable opinion of artblahg. None of them have been personal targets, it’s not about that - they just think it’s wrong on every level.

    I just don’t know anyone who thinks artblahg is doing anything constructive - sorry. I hear people essentially saying: I could get on board with some of the things he says he’s about, but that’s not what he actually does, and what he does is sickening.

  11. I've met you, Vince. And Nic. Some of us know you. I don't think the people writing this have met you in person but it's safe to say that everyone knows who, and what, you are.

  12. No one supports the artblahg but it's taken seriously by most people I know because of the sexism, the libel issues and the biggest issue of all, the one we all are appalled and baffled by, the completely demented attack on Philadelphia artists, arts workers and organizations. What???? Artblahg thinks that a preoccupation with womens weight is something to create a serious dialogue? No, he thinks it will be personally hurtful. No one shares that malice, even people in the arts community who completely disagree with each other. There's no critique behind his writing, it's sheer fury and hate.

    When I first asked who the hell was writing artblahg, Vincent Romaniello was the answer ever time, from all people. I had no idea who he was and when I asked "WHY?" the most common answer was "a failed abstract painter." That's not a good enough answer for me.

    I'm guessing that the libelous stuff will be addressed legally at some point. Or maybe the people who have been attacked don't care enough to bother, which also makes sense.

    theartblahg is a fun and funny outlet for all of us who are pissed off about this idiocy. thanks for keeping it up.

  13. So you are a gang, you all know each other here and are organized to go after an individual some of you know. That says a lot about your character and your place in the community as artists if that's what you claim to be.

    This now makes more sense why the artblog is going after groups of you, they do know who you are and what your purpose is, which is to stop all talk against any of the establishment and the problems we have here.

    I for one am sick of the Pew and what happened with the grants for individual artists this year and that the same people get all the press. We all know it's true, that is except for the people that come here. Do you think we are all stupid or what? So why would we believe these other things you keep repeating over and over again?

    I know who you are now and don't think I will ever want to work with you ever based on what you are doing here.

  14. Wrong! That is the brilliance and the beauty of this blog. I've got no idea who writes this. None. They don't know who I am. And you have no idea who I am. But I know you.

    Go ahead Vince, keep on whining. No one's crying that you don't get enough press and you never got the Pew. It's because you don't merit either one. Some people should get more press. You're not one of them. All the bullshit you put up has exposed you as a sham: a sad, arrogant, bitter, fool.

    You're sick of a grant that gives local artists 60000 dollars because you never got it? Many people have concerns, myself included, about the new structure for individual artists but your vitriol has done nothing but harm all of us who want to be heard and not be connected to you in anyway. You're a dick, man.

    You want to be contrary, to bring on that famous bravado you think you exude in those 'confident' paint pours. You are the epitome of 'jerk off.'

    You thought you could convince these kids that their enemies were all the people who you imagined were taking the limelight and the prestige from you. And when no one got on your bandwagon, well, here you are fishing around during every hour you're awake to figure out who's writing this blog.

  15. 63 comments! Go head theartblahg!

  16. Excuse me, I think we are all remiss in not pointing out how great the actual post is. Once again, theartblahg, WIN.

  17. @Vincent, AGAIN-

    It's time to take it down. You cannot accuse anyone here of anything that you have not done yourself. You thought that you could get away with anonymously slandering people in the community that you had a grudge against and were found out. You tried to paint it as if it were a service, that won't work either. You are a cyber-bully who doesn't have the guts to admit it- plain and simple. So, it's time to take down your vicious artblug and the related spin-offs. The writer of this blog- whoever he is- had it right titling the entry of April 26th "We Didn't Start This War!". Keep your legit blogs and express whatever opinion you'd like. I'm sure you'll have people out there who will agree with your theories but no one will support you now because of the hatred and animus you spew. Wake up, you moron, please. It is not about your opinion- it is about your intent- which is hateful and malicious. The comments on this blog are a reflection of YOUR hate and attempt at anonymity; take down your hate site and this thread of comments will disappear- there will be no reason for it to continue. Try to recognize that this is a direct response to what you put out.

    And as for knowing who I am, oh man, you have NO CLUE as to who I am but I will continue putting your name- Vincent Romaniello - out there so that that more people doing a search will be directed to your hate that towards your art.

    Take it down.

    The choice is, and always has been, up to you, buddy.

  18. @anonymous 5:45

    thank you for your comments, Mrs. Romaniello.

    you "know who" I am now? hahaha, what a joke. you have NO IDEA who I am, none. If you did, you'd create a malicious blog about me, wouldn't ya? but, you DON'T know.

  19. Robin Robin Robin Richard Richard Richard Shaun Shaun Shaun Annette Annette Annette Beth Beth Beth + Dustin Dustin Dustin Austin Austin Austin Roberta Roberta Roberta Libby Libby Libby 

what a bunch of retarded pussies. did you ever read this before...

    listen up cause you have had all yours answers from the very beginning foolz. likesomebodycares (period)

    Anon like all of yous, command see, we see censorshit happening here in comments and the poll. U are sleezy

  20. nope. not Robin, not Richard, not Shaun, not Annette, not Beth, not Dustin, not Austin, not Roberta, not Libby. you're not even warm.

    I know you are but what am I, Vincent? (apologies to writer of this blog)

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. @anon 2:28 I’m not so into this. I understand the impulse, but…to my mind, not cool. No offense.

    @artblahg: you’re still an asshole, no matter how many different anon postings you post under.

  23. No, you're right. Realized the potential hazard as soon as I posted -- at least it's not information that isn't out there already. Moderator, care to amend my misstep?

  24. Yeah, perhaps that shouldn't be posted, even though, as you say, it's public information. It sounds a little too much like a creepy Law & Order episode. I hope that VR just stops his rants and takes the blog down. I need a rest!

  25. i_spend_way_too_much_time_online_because_i_think_the_internet_is_real_life.pdf

  26. @May 8 7:46 PM:
    "Excuse me, I think we are all remiss in not pointing out how great the actual post is. Once again, theartblahg, WIN.”

    Yeah. Ditto that. Compare to the object lesson in how not to do satire that is artblahg.

  27. Has anybody else noticed there is no talk of ART here? Especially the local scene. Guess there is so much energy and focus on hate there is no time for anything meaningful. Typical Phila. attitude.

    We tried voting to shut this site down too and it didn't work. So take this comment as a Yes, take it down now vote.


  28. As artblahg would say (in a different context), there are other blogs for that.

    RE voting: you’re still stupid about the internet, though you somehow managed to navigate from one comment thread to another to repost the same shit. Congratulations.

  29. @anonymous 7:36 aka Vincent:
    There will be talk of art here once you and your hate site are gone. Don't think that anyone thinks that your site is meaningful. Everyone knows that it's a hate site trying to masquerade as something with merit.

    Administrators: please take this comment as a No and keep it going.

  30. "Has anybody else noticed there is no talk of ART here? Especially the local scene."

    I hear there’s this place called “”. Have you seen it?

  31. To all commenters: please do not leave any personally identifiable information. Although said comment was not, in itself, illegal or libelous, it was not appropriate.

    As of last week, our posts are now VR free. However, our comments section will remain open.

    Sorry bout that, artblahg.blogspot.cum, we weren't near the internet all weekend.

  32. @administrator


  33. first time we have seen any brain activity here.

    we are busy making proposals for exciting shows unlike you. plus we are off to-day. But wait til you see our next hit post - You Couldn't Even Shock an Eight Year Old. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We have been deleting dunbass comments recently, some from yous. we figure they/you can shit here where it smells better for that.

    Anon - you mom

  34. "we are busy making proposals for exciting shows unlike you”

    How’d that work out for you?

  35. oh Vincent,

    you are full of baloney. No one is commenting on your blog, and if they do, it's you commenting.

  36. "But wait til you see our next hit post - You Couldn't Even Shock an Eight Year Old. heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    Actually, I could have waited longer. That was boring.


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