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In my basement, working on my blog.


  1. In <3 with this.

  2. Aw, you're so cute, theartblahg!
    Want to comment from shitartblahg:
    @Anonymous May 5, 2010 10:49 AM
    "yeah. I art made out of blue foamboard. Trash."


  3. Maybe you and VR could sit down and settle this once and for all…by playing a Dungeons & Dragons tournament round?

  4. It’s how he stays anonymous…no one can trace you when you’re posting to Blogger through a dot matrix printer.

    Arpanet is the new Web 3.0.

  5. none of you know me, but I'm up for that dungeons and dragons tournament. VR needs to meet me in a dungeon and let the DR decide who the victor will be. I'll give you a tip, I'm the winner even before a die is thrown because Vince is a dick. That asshole is living in a fantasy land that even the most hardcore D&D players couldn't conjure up.

  6. whoever wrote in and said you people are stupid was right on. Don't you see you are helping them. You are making a myth out of both the blog and artist of you attacks. people who didn't know them before will now because of you self centered computer game jack offs. Grow up and stop bringing the rest of us down with you. as long as you aren't in their sights then you're fine.

    and their also right about your bad content! do you call posting a fool at an ld keyboard art or writing or anything. you make them look better by doing this. they have the best graphics around and you know it. and that artist you are trying to defame is going to be liked by many despite your hating. They are going to say "you know he isn't that bad at all and has had a better career than many here. So what are you gaining except for you and a couple of your friends giving each other hi-fives?

    so either pick up your game here or take it down. You aren't helping those you seem to be trying to help but instead are making those you hate a mythological.

    if we find out who you are you will not be invited to anything we are doing unless you get it together. we prefer you close this down since it accomplishing the exact opposite of what you think.

    –not too happy

  7. @ Anon 10:33 - can't you see they don't even talk about actual people here? WTF! This is prolly the best blog I've seen and you need to be mad at all the commenters, not the authors. C'mon!

  8. @anon 10:33 - “As long as you aren't in their sights then you're fine.”

    Are you serious? When a guy on the subway robs the guy sitting next to you, do you leave it be because you aren’t the target?…

    Also, you are artblahg.

  9. "they have the best graphics around and you know it”

    You forgot to substitute “I” for “they”. And the graphics on both sites are shit. The difference is that here, the shittiness is intentional.

  10. All losers and posers who can't do good work say it's because they don't want to. Right!

    Anon just like you.

  11. This blog has only one reason, to reflect - and reflect on - your shittiness in all respects, and to call you on your bullshit. In that context, since it looks EXACTLY like your shitty blog, its appearance must be considered a big WIN.

    This is an argument you can’t win; whatever design criticism you apply corresponds 100% to your own blog.

    In any case, it’s kind of stupid to be even having this conversation, since your blog and the artwork you use for it looks like shit.

  12. Convince yourself of that and that's exactly why you and your frenz all suck both in blogging and their so called art. We make you look like the twits and posers you are and everybody but you sees it. We love it.

  13. I’m not a blogger :)

    One advantage of getting you pissed off, at least: the baby-speak seems to have been left by the wayside.

  14. pleaze can we have a D&D night out? i <3 theartblahg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. My level 20 attorney casts libel on your ass!

  16. You started all this by using real names and refuse to take resonsibility, yous and citypaper and Annette and Berth and Shaun and Dave and Dustin and, and... Go f***K yourselves. Take this down and all of your problems disappear. If not they get bigger and bigger as does our audience and fame.

    You really think we are pissed, u need to tell us y because we are having too much fun watching you squirm like the slime you all are. Visit therealartblaugh for the best in real issues and best graphics in dee world. Wee are bigger than Ryan Trecartin the only difference is he is a wuss ass kissing establishment cross dressing couldn't shock an eight yr olde.

    Put your bitch baby squeals in here_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ loserz!

    Anon - just like you tough guyz/galz

  17. hey vincent,

    coming into town for first friday?

  18. Laughable. Just…laughable. None of us are squirming, boy. You don’t know any of us. Not even close.

    "and best graphics in dee world”

    Why is this so important to you? You keep saying this. And that you’re Web 2.0 or whatever. I don’t get it. I mean, I get what you mean, I just don’t get why you think your blahg qualifies on either count.

  19. "Go f***K yourselves.”

    "You really think we are pissed, u need to tell us y because we are having too much fun”

    Does not compute.

  20. No, Vincent, you are not bigger than anyone. You're a little man. You have a lot to lose and I don't understand what your fucking problem is. Have you done any of the sage members a favor by associating them with your bullshit? The shit you've put up is a real problem.

    Some of the people who write on here know you and I'm assuming some of them don't. You are headed into a shit storm. I don't go to your site anymore, but I know someone who does and saves the pages with link and IP address. You're nuts and you're fucked.

    You have people in your life who looked to perform public service, that's your personal life. And you've worked with a lot of people who've strived to create a vibrant arts community here, that's your supposed work life. It's shocking you have any connection to either group. I don't know what you've done to your personal life, but I do know you've destroyed all credibility for yourself in the arts community, with everyone, except for one friend who I can only imagine feels sorry for you.

    See you on South St.

  21. Your arrogance is just beyond the pale for such a bunch of loserz wit no connections other than sucking the gonads of the banner ad folks on the sidebar here. That will get you nothing. Wee have zero concerns about sillytowne and know we have many supporters in all branches of the art tree unlike you little ass hairs. Again, you can try and drag more people in, that's on you. WE DO NOT CARE. Du you git that yet. You are so f'n dumb to believe for a second we care now or ever did. So you and your frenz are going to have to deal with the criticism wee dish out. maaaaaaaaaaaaaa, maaaaaaa, maaaaaaaaaaa, maaaaaaaaaaa. F U. wussy MF'ers. What a joke u all r. No talent no brains no frenz when they find out who u r. Dustin, Shaun, Annette, Berth, Libb, Roberta, Dick, Dave, Rob and the other Rob, Citypaper Shaun, Carolyn, Robin Ro-ton-da, and and .... We are sure we forgot some of yous but will make up for it Nellie etc. BTW we have many more pages done and were stalling in hopes u would shut this down so your frenz don't have to be exposed for the completely truthfulness of their poserism and no-talent careers. GO TYLERRRRRRRRRRRR, Rah, Rah, Rah. Freakoidz.

    Anon-like yous

  22. Vince, your audience is limited to the people commenting here.

  23. You name your detractors, but not your supporters. It's easy to ask who supports you. I can ask Nic for instance. Or your wife, who should know what's going on. A google search of the name Vincent Romaniello easily finds it's way here.

    Don't know who writes this blog, but I've had enough, Vince. Expect some mail in a month.

  24. Talking about Vincent is as borrrrrrring as his work. Cn we pleaze talk about the sexxxy nerd pitchered above? I <3 him!

  25. Okay!

    Little did this guy know that in 30 years his whole look would be copied by lower east side hipsters, and his pressboard paneling would be worthy of Dwell magazine.

    Born 30 years too early.

    Stay sexy, slightly overweight TRS-80 guy.

  26. I'm well aware you don't care, Vince. I've followed the speculations about your mental state here and refrained from writing and telling these people that you're a prick and that's the end of it.

    You didn't attempt to remain anonymous, you put who you were out there for anyone who knows you. And screw whoever doesn't want to come along on your shock jock journey. That's why I'm writing here, in this public forum, and not calling or emailing. I know you read this and I know you're not stopping, you've finally gotten what you wanted. Attention for your persecution complex.

  27. Is slightly overweight TRS-80 smoking? No, holding a pencil. WIN.

    Slightly overweight TRS-80 created sexy and whenever sexy waned, he brought it back time and time again.

  28. Can someone please tell me what <3 means? Thank you, theartblahg.

  29. It’s a heart, turned sideways.

    You’re welcome,
    The wiseass.

  30. Thank you, Wiseass! I love theartblahg but was baffled by what "<3ing" theartblahg meant. now I love theartblahg and I <3 theartblahg.

    Wiseass, do you know how many people are commenting here? I know at least 2. I wish I knew who you were. Am satisfied with knowing you here.

  31. I’m the TRS-80/D&D commenter. “Blogs are not a democracy” is also me. I’m also the guy who doesn’t give a shit who artblahg is, if that helps. I only care that the dude is completely detrimental to any kind of improvement in the Philly art community. VR was a stranger to me before, still is, and frankly I don’t care if he continues to be. I don’t even think his art sucks. Call me perverse.

    To keep things straight, going forward, I am “I AM ANON”.

    Honestly, I would guess between 5 and 10 active commenters are here, with an audience around 2 or 3 dozen, some of whom dip their feet in to offer verbal support. I think the assessment someone else made that artblahg’s entire audience consists of these commenters is close. These commenters, plus 30 odd people who have laptops set up in their studio for entertainment. If you’re reading one, you’re reading the other.

    Which I think says a lot about why people read artblahg, and why they read this. People like train wrecks. That’s all it amounts to, really. Artblahg’s a train wreck, and theartblahg are the gawkers egging on the drug-addled conductor who refuses to believe he’s at fault.

    I really don’t know how much good this thing does, other than divert comments away from artblahg - where “moderation” is a joke - to here, where at least we know the bully doesn’t have the home advantage of moderation powers.

    I’m here to have fun, basically, and push pins into the balloon of artblahg’s ego. Call it a guilty pleasure. I contribute to the community in other, much more constructive ways, but that’s not going to surface here.

  32. Anon, as another anon, this is a great service to the art community. Artblahg is disgusting and this is good. Thanks, the other Anon!

  33. @anon 6:53 and I AM ANON,
    agree, agree, & agree. your estimate seems spot-on. also concur that it sometimes it feels a little like a community of onlookers shouting at VR, "jump! jump!". Of course that's ridiculous since he can get down off of the ledge any time he chooses. right, vinnie?

  34. a 4th anon here. I'm going back to luring for a while because all you other anons are way more witty than me. I'm going to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Those fruits are delici-o-so.

  35. I'm picking 'Anon 1' as my name.

  36. Hi artblahg!

    Tit for no tat much? The problem with going after Nannette Monnnier is that it offers continuing validation for the rest of us as to your motives.

    You yourself point out that you selected the Clay Studio BECAUSE of some perceived slight on her part. Why, I don’t get, but I’m not a resident in your brain. In any case it’s clear you’re not selecting targets based on merit, you’re selecting targets out of personal pique.

    Keep trying. No one believes at this point that you do anything as a service to the community.

    P.S. saying the craft world is less deserving of public support than the fine arts is just stupid. It’s about as valid as your “men are disempowered” argument.

  37. U are an ahole first off just for cumming here, then for what you say. BTW no one cums here, the numbers are really low so your point is basiclly between you and 3 other haterz on the farout right teawhacker insiderz club.

    Wee made our point and it is that all of these oldetime orgs need to stand on their own and give other places a chance to grow JUST LIKE THEY GOT from OUR taxdollars. Anything else is unfair competition and that's a crime. Wee stand by all of our feelings towards the Clay Studio Dust Gathering Center that wee wrote. Most is not art, in fact harldy anything in there. The women's thing again showz u have your head up your ass. Wee want a fair playing field FOR ALL and have said so and that again is what this issue is about you artard that needs every f'n little thing explained to your nueortic pyschotic wittle braineo.

    Yous also are crybabies victims who run on double standardz as your normal practice. It's ok for all of u here to join citypaper in their malicious attacks of a lone individual from the community and then want a pass. Why? Did u get that yet???????????? Our naming Anntoilette and her job is not malicious, it's a fact and she should be proud of working there, right??!!!!! Whatz the problem? Does she work there and do all the other things we said?

    Now u might think we are angry. NOT. Wee are SICk of you which is different, sick of the stupid assez that populate the so called art scene. Community to u is only ABOUT U. U are not artists but posers who work for the establishment and stays quo which is loaded with problems like arts funding.

    This will be our last comment here, u are all wasted loadz.

    Anon #3FU

  38. "Community to u is only ABOUT U.”

    Given the source of this comment, this is about as silly as you can get. Your whole blag IS ABOUT YOU. Period.

    Keep throwing sticks and stones, artblahg. I think it’s funny. Meanwhile I’m happy to continue calling you on your bullshit.

  39. Hi I AM ANON,
    I actually got a sneak peek at this post...VM disguised as H + H emailed it to me as a warning. He told me he was about to post this article unless I got this site shutdown. I'm not involved in this site, just one of his suspects. The sad part is, I mean, the article sucks. He comes off like an asshole the whole time, so you don't even want to listen to him, or read him.

    For instance this:
    "Some of these cigarette ashtrays, wittle bowls and figurines are cute and cheaply priced. Some of these place settings are pretty nice too, butt not art though."

    Um, I'm beginning to think VM, H+H, is not in fact going insane, but actually developing the first signs of alzheimer's.

    So, needless to say I was not threatened by the poor old guy.

  40. The whole thing - this whole fiasco - is sad.

  41. Hey I AM ANON and Beth,

    Another anon here and I think that whatever is wrong with VM seems to strongly indicate some sort of dementia, if not some other mental illness. Not joking here, folks. That break with reality and the level of obsession is easily and clearly noted. This poor fool must devote hours each day to writing comments, writing his own b.s., and tracking hits and other web related stuff. It's sad.

  42. So what’s the secret handshake/signal we’ll be using tonight to recognize each other at openings?

    Or should we all dress like slightly overweight TRS-80 guy?

  43. I'll be wearing a t-shirt that says Fo Shizzle, Suck My Dizzle!

  44. yourmomymous said...
    AhhhhhhhhhAHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHHAHHHHHHHHHHHAHaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzeeWE crawzee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another Anon

    the secret phase is "pull the pud"

  45. we can identify each other by the mere fact that we're not vincent.

  46. vincent: you are NOT another Anon. we know you even when you try to pretend you're someone else. you may run, but you can't hide. see you tonight, I hope?

  47. Keep up the good work, artblahg! Those crazy posts really help your cause.

    @1:22 and artblahg: I will be wearing a red and white striped shirt and a red and white striped hat, with blue pants. From a helicopter you should be able to pick me out; I’ll be standing near the Santa conventioneers.

  48. duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! more brilliance from the artardz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anoton your dumb bro.

  49. How did you get so witty, artblahg? What’s your secret?

  50. @ I AM ANON,
    I vote to call Mr. Blahg "Vincent Romaniello" so that it sends more blog searches this way.

  51. I'd also like to know artblagh's secret. Master writing workshops? The quality of writing is breathtaking.

    When Vincent Romaniello comments in other places he can't write well enough to disguise himself. Please. I saw one this week that made me crack up at his stupidity.

    Dude has some serious issues with women.

  52. He also has some serious issues with fecal matter.

  53. He is truly a Freudian's dream

  54. No one gives a shit about his art or what he says->

    "oh no, I am jealous"->

    personal attacks->

    "I am finally getting the attention I have always wanted"->

    attention is based completely around 2 issues, "Why is Vincent Romaniello such a piece of shit?" and "Who the fuck is this piece of shit Vincent Romaniello?"->

    "I am in a rage and will escalate personal attacks and write out and out lies to keep the attention going"->

    Vincent Romaniello is shown to stalk people and they worry that he is, at best, an insufferable asshole and, at worst, a potential bell tower shooter->

    Vincent Romaniello sends 'threatening review' to Beth->

    Right back to "No one gives a shit about his art or what he says" but it's impossible to not throw feces at him.

  55. You are just helping him and his cause by doing this. I am still not convinced it's him and wonder if any of you really care about that. This seems to be all about one thing, hate. And by the looks of the posts why would I believe you are credible about anything, this is so bad.

    You all make it sound like he is hurting the community except it seems the reverse from what we can tell from his resume and past activities. We see nothing in his background to suggest anything of the sort, in fact the opposite is true.

    And we tried voting and it didn't work again.

    Anon - Concerned about haters

  56. Thanks for your comments, Vincent

  57. Vince, might be best to be concerned about your own hate.

  58. So you geniuses actually want people to believe that all the galleries, coops and other people who never get press or grants after being part of the community forever don't agree with therealartblahg? How about all the artists who can't apply for the Pew and see that they have been right? You are kidding yourself that no one agrees with them, it is completely illogical.

    And for everyone of them that do agree they don't agree with what you are doing. You must be blind or something. Plus do you think that the artist you are going after hasn't made friends and contacts over all of these years, again, you make no sense.

    When people find out who you are you are going to be the ones who are hurt by these ugly hateful attacks.

    The only thing lucky for you is that no one will come back because you have nothing to say and are a one-trick pony. You are hurting the community and have nothing to add to the conversation. They actually are pointing out serious problems. You must know that.

  59. I agree with the last anon about the problems we have and don't like what has been happening in Phila. either. You keep saying they attacked citypaper and make fun of people. So what? Citypaper went after a local artist with no proof and you are supporting citypaper and robin rice, why? Because they are doing great work, great reporting? That wasn't reporting or a review of the blog, that was an attack with no goal other than to out an artist who told robing rice that it wasn't him. But you all here forget about the facts. Robing keeps coming here and complaining about the caricatures. Grow up, that's what happens when you aren't liked and newspaper have been doing that forever, I bet even citypaper has used them too.

    The more I read this the more I believe that it is citypaper behind this blog. There are always here waiting and always talking about poor robin rice. I would say it is the number 2 topic after the hate filled attacks.

  60. I love this new VR. 'Serious and Sans Baby Talk commenting to bring the point home: yes, I am a c%ck.'

    Dumbass, you have burned every bridge because you are an asshole. You're petty and jealous, which is why your attacks are on those you think have slighted you.

    No one supports you. You must know that. Please tell us who is behind you in your crusade! We'd all love to hear what artists and galleries support a 'boycott of women artists because women run fillytown'

    Kudos to the people writing this. I hope it's kids who can turn it into a knockout piece that brings them accolades and the Pew you're obviously so bitter that you never got. It's because your work isn't good. Not the paintings, not the video, not the sculpture.

    I wish this site had a paypal button!

  61. Jesus, Vincent, you are pathetic.

  62. Sounds exactly like robin rice's crusade to me. The woman thing that you are distorting to try and bring in the men haters. Read what they said and you will find that they want an even playing field for everyone. But you skip over that somehow because you need something to hang your hate on. Fact is there are a lot of people who are left out and they are behind the blog of your fury robin. That blog did a real review of your work at least. Saying someone sucks is not a review or that you hate them is not a review. Robin Rice is nothing special and everybody knows that too.

    Good night Robin. It's about time someone spoke the truth in Phila. and that includes going after you and your policy of writing about Susan Hagen, the Mural Arts Program and all of your other friends that you have made money off of or work at citypaper. Everyone knows the truth, this is just the first time someone has a forum to say it.

  63. Really, now you're bringing in ANOTHER person you made a video about? Are you angry that the people you made the videos of are more successful that you? You are out of your mind.

    You don't have a broad scope, Vince. All of the people you've attacked have either rejected you, ignored you or surpassed you, but they are all connected to you through some thread.

    Not Robin here. Wrong again.

  64. Interesting how all one of you stay so on message targeting one artist and stating away from the real topics. You can attack that guy who I guess you think is defenseless which I doubt. But then you are anonymous tough talkers. You can try all you want to stay on that one note but the fact is tomorrow when people go to read the paper and the same old people are there and they aren't they will notice. No matter what you say they will notice they haven't won a Pew etc. Even if you repeat this one guys name a million times, that won't change.

    You are sick and very angry without any real point except to tear done one artist which is boring and doesn't mean anything to the rest of the artists in the city.

    And Anon, that little retarded brother of your is so funny. He must have been watching old Our Gang movies where there is always one little asshole saying "yeah, go get em Spanky".

  65. Lame. No one gave a rat's ass about you before and now that people know you, we all know you're a dick. Can't wait to see your next show.

    What are you talking about? No one goes to your links.

  66. @ Vincent (aka anonymous 8:32)

    You want to tackle the "real topics"? Go on ahead. Just leave out the vitriol. Don't call commenters on this thread out as "anonymous tough talkers". That's what You are, Vincent. You just got found out and as they say, if you can't take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Vincent, it's all about Your hatred and Your anger and these comments are a direct reflection of that. Take down the site and those awful links associated with it. I don't even bother to check what's written there- you can trust me on that. If you register a hit it's just me checking to see if you've finally put that abomination to sleep. The sooner you do, the sooner the mirror that these comments are will reflect that. It's incomprehensible to me that you don't understand that.

  67. yo Vinnie,

    I am not Robin Rice and never HEARD of her until you trashed her so viciously. That's the truth. How can you say this: "When people find out who you are you are going to be the ones who are hurt by these ugly hateful attacks"? You're joking, right? Pot, meet Kettle.

    Time for you to recognize that people will not sit still and let you publish your filth without responding. As much as you enjoy acting like a Tea-Bagger, this isn't mid 1930's Germany and you aren't Joesph Goebbels. Did you seriously think you'd be able to continue without an answer? Or that you would be lauded as a hero of some sort?

    Christ, you aren't that dumb, or are you?


    your deadline is up. and we will not be nice anymore and keep off your real names. in fact we will add meta tags and other methods to draw the spiders out. and remember we have the audience and the hits. you have until tomorrow. if we are so dumb than why are you here?

  69. Speaking for myself, Vincent, I am here because you offend me. I can't believe that you are that stupid- or maybe other posters are right- you're mentally ill or have dementia of some sort.

    Comments on your blog are censored at best, whereas here they are not. I enjoy seeing you pissed off because you can't get the last word and moderate things as you'd like to- that's a powerful reason to come here. Besides, I'm not interested in your blog any longer. It's irrelevant. I know what kind of shit I'll find there and it's not worth my time to click and look. I'm interested in calling you out repeatedly, until you cease and desist. And, the deadline is up for, um, what? Do you know who I am, you tea-bagger? You don't have a clue in the world, you really don't, you pathetic little man. You only have had an audience because you're a fucking train wreck- do you remember that analogy that someone wrote here a while back? People just HAVE to look at it. People go to your site to laugh at you, you buffoon, to marvel at your malice, to shake their heads at your stupidity, etc. I could go on and on. I come HERE so that I can write what I just wrote and know that not only YOU will read it, but so will everyone who comments or lurks here, and pass it on. Yeah, your name is getting more well known- is this what you had in mind?


  70. "”

    Exactly as my magical fantastical shitdetector crystal ball predicted.

    The hilarious bit is that this woman offered the closest thing to a sympathetic reception to your blahg to date, and you pissed all over it. I mean, she even curated a show in response to Arcadia, and got Dick T. to speak about it.

    Speak critically of artblahg, and attach your name to it? You get a special hate blahg, all your own.

    Beth, and anyone else who gets one of these: be proud. It means you’re doing something right.

  71. your brilliant idea of listing the personal info of artist of your hate will likely bring more trouble for you. and if anybody has a brain that visits here, they will once again see how sick and dangerous you fools can be. Hate is your only agenda!

    this outting technique was used by haters of the teaparty and the person who did it was charged. obviously if any trouble occurs, whether you had anything to do with it directly or not, you will be a party to it, implicated and jailed.

    maybe you think your parents will bail you out like that entitled, privileged, murderer, ball player that killed his girlfriend in a rage.

    you sound more and more like the far-out right whackos. you are exactly the same except even they don't support the establishment the way you do. look at all the free banner ads and who they're for. you never did explain that either. we knew from day one you were psycho, in fact we encourage your 3 readers to go back to the first couple pages of this ugly blog and see for themselves.

    we tried to vote to take this down and it didn't register. bug surprise.

    Anon like you

  72. I actually really like my hate blog! Bet Heinous kinda sucks as a name though.

  73. @berth: Well, the good news is that you’re all set for your second career as a death metal rocker.

    @anon 7:06 AM

    While I understand your sympathetic concern regarding the owner of this blog and its commenters and the legal ramifications of the comment you’re referencing, you needn’t worry. Jail is not in the offing. I also don’t like the listing of VR’s personal info, and hope it will be removed. But libel cases are very unlikely to end in a jail sentence. Most end in the removal of the objectionable material.

    Whenever I think about this whole fiasco I think about the old academia adage: “Faculty politics in academia are so vicious because the stakes are so low”.

    As for the free banner ads, they were explained quite explicitly by the blog owner: they are all people or orgs you’ve taken the time to lovingly shit on.

    As for voting: please stop being stupid about the internet. It’s one area where we really can’t help you.

  74. @ I AM ANON

    I like you, whoever you are. Keep being smart. You are a voice of reason in this place. Funny that VR thinks that maybe my parents will bail me out since I'm similar to "that entitled, privileged, murderer, ball player that killed his girlfriend in a rage". That tells me that Mr. R is reading too much TMZ or Gawker, or something. Also, that there are those here who sound like "far-out right whackos" is funny, right? How can he not see that a "far-out right whacko" is exactly what he comes across as.

    The personal information mistake notwithstanding, outting VR is a good thing.

  75. Dear Failed Lawyer,

    You belong here with all the failed bad artists. Your advice is way off shitforbrains. Go back to school although with your lack of even the most basic understanding of right and wrong you will just be wasting more of your right wing, teaparty loving parent's money.

    Anyone who facilitates a crime is libel too. In the context of all this hate speech going on aimed at one individual, no make that 2 now since his wife is now being stalked, providing personal information is like encouraging a visit or harrassment or other kinds which could easily lead to violence.

    You are part of that because you are giving advice that is dangerous to the already dumbass gang that frequent this shithole. Once a crime is committed, any crime, a subpoena will be had easily and all of your ip addresses will be in the hands of the law.

    You all are so retarded you think this is funny. It already isn't.


  76. You’re missing the point - or deciding to ignore the fact - that many of us are actively advocating for the removal of said information, for the reasons you cite above. I personally - and very strongly - disagree with posting personal information, for ethical, safety and other reasons.

    That said:

    "Blogger takes the disclosure of confidential information very seriously; however, please note that the mention of your full name or any other publicly available information is permitted on Blogger and does not constitute a disclosure of confidential information.”

  77. this has nothing to do with blogger, and think about it now thanks to you therealartblog could retaliate legally using the above advice. Good thinking again. is there something in the water in Phila. that makes people so dumb?

    the point is that facilitating a crime, any little crime, will be enough to get the people behind this blog and the server records etc. with all of your dumbasses there to be seen. it has nothing to do with blogger. this is a hate blog with one target and no other purpose, pretty sick when you think about it isn't it? all because someone criticized your friends art or writing.

    what is wrong with you? seriously, you are so stupid you are dangerous, add egotistical to that and what have you got, the sports killer. do you drink a lot and take drugs too, maybe a little phila. meth? probably crack by the sounds of your lack of brain activity.


  78. VR-

    you are seriously nuts.

  79. hm-mmm. artblug has 2 comments total in the last 10 postings and this site has 192 comments in the past 5 postings. Talk about relevance! I'm guessing that doesn't make you happy Mr. Art Blug.

  80. @administrator: could you remove this posting:

    MAY 9, 2010 2:28 PM

    from the fryday comment thread? We asked for this earlier over the weekend but it probably got buried in the following comments.

    @artblahg: my agreeing with you on this does not mean I don’t think you still suck :)

  81. @IAA
    I agree with that.

    I can find your tel number but I won't post it. And, guess what, you're still nuts.


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