Aesthetically Archivally Speaking

It's important to keep records of past shows and it's also important that you make this information accessible to the public. Before there was the internet, there were card catalogs and before that, we don't think there was anything. This method of filing became crucial in the time when memories began to fade like looking through a fogged mirror. Decision to decisions are made and not bought, but I thought this wouldn't hurt a lot, I guess not. That last piece is taken from a song by current pop idols MGMT. Pardon me, for I lost train of thought there for a few seconds.

Art is history. History is art. Preserve the words related to exhibitions in neat filing drawers, like this one here, by local art star Dewey Decimate. His works have been shown all over the world and he is known to have sparked the latest trend in contemporary art known as "information aesthetics." Difficult and simplified, this new genre takes art interpretation to the next level.

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