1. Concerning a post on piece o crappy Vincent blah...he scrutinizes l&r for promoting a show they juried, which of course they like, they juried it dummy stupid ass romansmelli, but even worse he then goes & promotes his own show! Furthermore saying it won't get written about in philly. Well, that maybe because no one cares about shows in august or painting and definitely VR's poser fartwork. If I was in a show with VR, i well, I wouldn't, even if you paid me.

  2. this is what's amazing about you dumb aholez. U are so f'n stupid you don't know the difference between right and wrong.

    1. to judge ANY show in the place you shit is B A D
    2. to work for one of the 3 mediaholes in a backwater towne and judge shows and then promote them numerous times sucks and should be illegal if it's not already
    3. to make them one of your special frenz picks is yet another joke
    4. to do all this for an ADVERTIZER shows you have nothing but contempt for everyone who has a brain!

    Wow, u just hit the CRACKpot Rotarda and Wibby!!!!!!!}]

    Now as for Mr. V. He is an artist and can promote his own shows on his own blog. That's what blogs were meant for, to log what is happening wit yourself. U know like a diary, DUH! He does not write for the media. He does not wright for The Real artblahg either.

    If August sucks then your Pew frenz should be have been warned not to show at LOcks. Oh yeah, only Nadiatalent has one but Wittle Stubbiez will have his soon and Locks will help him. Oh yeah and and and what about Cristie Barclay Marclay at the Whit, guess he sucks too since it's August.

    Making artstarz out of these Locks bores only sets the scene back even further.

  3. christ.i was offline for a few weeks and i come back to THIS? shut up already,vincent. i don't care what you think, you hater. you are just a stupid pig. grow a set and disappear,will ya?

  4. U and your frenz are the lowest form of haterz in this shitty towne and U support the worse of the worse and think no one knows the difference butt no one cumz here except us which we do to remind u how low u will go to help your banner ad frenz to the right so u go away for a few weekz down the shore like someone gives a shate and U stink real bad like the crude you like floating in.

    say hi to Robin Rice and Libby and your other mumz Rotarda. Whaddafnjokeoff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEHEEEEEEEHEEEHhaaaaaaahaaaaahaaaaaaahaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!

  5. Vince, your artwork is worthless and your writing is equally as worthless. Dude, you're pathetic. Except you're such an asshole you can't inspire the pity that usually accompanies the feelings for pathetic people. Did you notice no one gives a shit about your show? Because it's terrible. Like all of your work.

    Your comments around Philadelphia blogs are obvious too, because you can't even write well enough to disguise yourself.

    There's only one joke here and that's you. How's it working to get people behind you? Hmmmmmm, doesn't seem to be working out at all.

  6. Dear Last Anonhole,

    You are the pathetic onez thinking that people don't mind your wannabee establickdick insider bend over jobz u perpetrate, Robin and other lickers. U don't like us writing on your gig page doo ya? Everything we say cums from the heart unlike you sticky wet wipes.

    The same with your crits of Mr. V's work. Sure some people will agree butt many won't. U dismiss work because of hate not the work itself, that's evident here. Mr. V can take care of himself anywayz and has done the smart thing by ignoring you losers including the mediaholez.

    Therealartblahg is pointing out that the local media like Robin and Roberta and Wibby and Edie are always ready to visit NY shows and mention them when it's their frenz like Tom Juggs and his stupid ass birdie paintings, har. So F U sillytowne natives, u r the worse community in the country wit your unethical bullshit. U r all goig down and deserve it. Recking Day is HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAAAHHHHHHAhaaaaahaaahaaaaaaaheeeeeheeeeeeeehHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Anon like Robin and Annette and Berth and Roberta and Shaun and Dustin and the other loserz who piss here.

  7. "U don't like us writing on your gig page doo ya? “

    Actually we love it. When you post here you’re so much more honest; the real you practically blares its presence.


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