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  1. Do you guys live in my house?

  2. Please keep theartblahg going until the end of days. We love it so.

  3. @ 4:51 AM:

    Yes we do!

    That reminds me, could you get more Cap’n Crunch? We’re running low.

  4. Also: some artworld cannon fodder for the internet troll in the basement to feed on, please.

    You know who. Don’t worry about him being picky…anybody will do. Whatever goes in, shit comes out in the end :)

  5. trying to stir the shitty waters you live in haters? we are too busy to help you foolz. it is time you help therealartblahg because the final nail has been pounded into dee cocks of those you wannabee. the Pewk awards have dried up like the smelly ballz you call your brains. wake up and repent before it's too late. WAIT!!!!! it is too late. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Theartblahg misprints artblahg. Next to the angry workshop dodges the isolated treasure. The tour emerges throughout the footnote. Artblahg dresses! Artblahg tastes the selective gossip without a wheel.

    A decided agony advances beside a global studio. Artblahg truncates theartblahg underneath a recovery. Theartblahg objects to artblahg under a vanished ritual. When will the thick dodge artblahg?

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  7. ….at least MY nonsensical bullshit’s grammatically correct :-P

  8. u r talking about, duh not therealartblahg. u and dem r the same, littla sistas in crime. Payloa, suck-a-dick-ssshitz-for-money, wannabee Bendadick Arnholez, but in dee end just a bunch of nobodies wishing they were part of the game. u can't bee in the game wit no work. even the insiderz know that. so where does that leave you who are lazy intellectually and otherwise? Answer: fillytowne where u belong. The song is over. The funeral march has ceased. We were right all along and u look more like foolz than ever.

    btw we are anti-u which means anti-grammaticfantics. We have made own own lexicon and it is part local vernacular, part failed education policies, part future talk yo.


  9. "Hehehheeeheeheeeeheeeheehahahahahah!!!!!"

    At least we agree on that. However I’d point out that just because you hear laughter, it doesn’t immediately follow that everybody’s laughing *with* you :-)

    Have a freaking awesome day, artblahg!


  11. "it is time you help therealartblahg because the final nail has been pounded into dee cocks of those you wannabee. the Pewk awards have dried up like the smelly ballz you call your brains. wake up and repent before it's too late."

    Huh? For real, Vinny? Really? You seriously wrote that shit? You are batshit crazy my man.

  12. Vinnie LowManJelloOctober 7, 2010 at 11:58 AM

    "pounded into dee cocks of those you wannabee"
    "dried up like the smelly ballz you call your brains"

    "We have made own own lexicon and it is part local vernacular, part failed education policies, part future talk yo"

    in other words, I'm also now Anthony Burgess as well as Voltaire, and classier than the originals. At least in my own bat-shit crazy mind.


  13. Shaun, the bat-shit is splurtin outta your sing hole far too often to bee funny, plop! Trying wheezin one out the other end, your better side. Ah, smellz like artmumz guano yo.

    And where is your coverage of the Pewk AwardZ lazy artards???????? U have never once went against the establickdicks. Conculsion: u r one of dem.

    Anon Admin Controller Beth Dustin's Olde Girl Har

  14. Your chief complaint du jour is that artists who aren’t slotted neatly into the “contemporary visual arts world” don’t merit PEW Fellowships. Which just means that on top of being an asshole, you can’t read.

    There’s absolutely no indication that any selection of artists would please you, so I have to assume you’d bitch regardless of who was selected - you’d find a reason to complain, because you’re a whiner.

    You do have a point that there’s a lack of transparency here. You completely blow any chance of talking authoritatively about it, however, by painting it as a grand conspiracy, bitching about the lack of “real” artists among the grantees, and generally being a whiny little bitch.

    You paint a picture, in short, that I as an artist cannot identify with at all: a helpless little victim completely dependent on the vagaries of anonymous granters, hostile gallerists, sexist curators and backstabbing competitors to somehow get by in the world.

    Everything that happens to the poor artist victim, because he IS a victim, requires that there be a victimizer inflicting injustices upon him.

    That’s not the world I live in, and those aren’t the people I’ve met in this town.

    There, we talked about it. With more coherence than you :-)

    Can we get back to stupid jokes again, please?

  15. You are a fool and a Bendadick Arnhole which cums as no surprise. Just like all the artards that leave droppings here you just want to make stupid jokes. Grow the f***k up u little spoiled suburban wannabees. The world is a mess and you want to play your video games and whack off to female artists who have stripped down to nothing to bee famous.

    We are glad you revealed your true feelings - that you like the way things are run and support the aholes behind it. Nothing new there but a goot reminder to those lost surfers who stumble into this cesspool.

    Anon Admin Naked Artist Video Whacker Elite like yous

  16. FAIL. Um, in every category.

  17. @vr 12:09

    Dude! You ARE the suburban wannabee.

  18. I wanted to add one more observation here about why I reject artblahg’s stance. I guess it’s a pretty obvious one, but it’s worth saying.

    In addition to the way artblahg’s “victim” stance necessarily paints all institutional players as oppressors - gallerists, curators, museums, and so on (which I disagree with) - it also paints every artist who has any career success - from a big museum show right on down to inclusion in a group show in some alternative/coop space - as both a “collaborator” in the derogative sense (i.e. working for the enemy) and as depriving others of having those same opportunities.

    First, it’s got to be a long, lonely life when you spend all your time complaining about the injustice of other people’s achievements, regardless of your rationale. No matter who you are, if examine your own life, you will find people who are more successful than you and those who are less successful. The more successful are generally not more successful because they had “insider" connections. They’re there because they worked their asses off more than you or me. Ditto for the less successful folks. They didn’t work as hard. I don’t believe in talent, by the way. I believe in work.

    Is that fair? You know what? We get out of life what we put into it. Maybe the less successful got to watch all of Lost, or have better sex lives, or go out more with friends instead of being locked up in the studio. There are lots of people with different levels of engagement in the art world and their own practices. Many of those people are also happier than you or me.

    I believe a more useful strategy for life than bitching all the time is to appreciate the successes of others, and to help those below you on their own career paths.

    Generosity, in short, is more valuable than griping.

    Second, you can’t have your cake and eat it too. People who get shows in Philly are defacto evil…because they take shows from others…who would be defacto evil because they show, thereby depriving others of exhibition opportunities…who themselves would be defacto evil if they ever showed because…you get the idea.

    It just doesn’t make any sense. There are x number of opportunities and y number of artists. X is always smaller than Y. Always. While I would be the last to argue that networking plays no small part in success, no amount of networking will let shitty work advance to the higher echelons of the artworld. It won’t. Many of the examples artblahg has vilified as not worth showing I’ve thought excellent work.

    In artblahg’s moral equation, the art is shitty because it’s being shown.

    This is the aspect that I find the most small-minded, petty and grinch-like of artblahg’s general outlook. He hates other artists. He hates the successful ones because they’ve “taken” all of the limited opportunities available; he hates the unsuccessful ones because they’re “losserz”.

    You hate all of us, artblahg. Why should we like you?

  19. That's an articulate statement regarding the Pew, I AM ANON. Vince, your response, not so much. This is what happens when you try to have a real dialogue with Romaniello.

  20. I wonder how he keeps Mr Hyde under cover when he's trying to get his work into galleries that don't know him. Well, just how do you manage that, Vince, huh?


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