We Liked The Show!

I was going through my old ArtNews' this weekend and found this in the January 1983 issue. I'm sure the Dufala Bros. have not seen this image (or maybe they have) but I thought it was worth a post.*

*we received an anonymous email review over the weekend which, in keeping with our ever-growing comments section, we are posting there - in two comments. Enjoy!


  1. "THEZE BOYZ LIVEZ" by Anonymous
    *If you don't like reading, skip to the end to see "List of work that makes visit worth it:"

    On Lancaster Ave, aka, route 30 turn left on College Lane. The campus at Haverford College is alive with athletic activity, especially this time of year when all the young students involved with track, soccer and football are outside practicing or jogging. You would miss the Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery if it wasn't for the Dufala Brothers' outdoor installations, a chain linked fence "ranch house" (I guess the ranch part makes it funny) and a FRESH air conditioning unit. Where have I seen these things before? That sneaking suspicion lingers throughout the exhibit. This is not original work, mostly. Consistently, the Dufala Brothers are most certainly funny and comedians are constantly appropriating from the comics who came before them, meta humor is a foremost strategy used in comedy. Art does this too, of course.

    If a comedian tells an old joke, but the delivery is unique the audience will laugh, if not, then the performer gets booed, like at the Apollo. And an art audience should be this way too. I am excited to see artists using humor in their artwork and soooo many are nowadays, but what about the art? Can these two pursuits co-exist? Being talented is one thing, but multi-talented, get over yourself. Most people think they're funny and there in lies the problemy. An artist should be thinking above all about art; art history, content, process, materials or else take your act on the road.

    A prop only works with the comedian and his joke, which is the art form. An art object that comes off as a prop, looks like a prop. Case in point, Dumpster Casket, which is scaled down in the latrine section of the exhibit along with some other props and sometimes original small scaled work. This is disconcerting, what's the point of seeing this scaled down? It ruins the whole experience. Because if it doesn't matter than why does it matter? Why not just photoshop a dumpster casket and put it online? It would have garnered the same reaction, "Oh, ha, ha, that's black comedy, funny:(" There's also high tech cock roaches, cock roaches with satellites strapped to them. Well, if I want to see some good old personification of cock roaches I'll just live stream, Joe's Apartment. I mean I wouldn't even pay to watch that movie. I had to re-evaluate that and no, I wouldn't. Two artists who take craft so seriously should have that overflow in the conceptual department.

    continued below...

  2. ...continued

    The "Space Heater" piece works (ha, ha, ha). In order to turn it on, you have to disrupt the gallery attendant to come over and turn it on for you. You wait and maybe it's about 10 seconds, the message gets across loud and clear. The funniest part of this piece is that it is both obvious and unexpected, a great example of comedic timing. The prop turned into an art form by way of a process. Then there's, "Rat Lounge", also in the latrine section. "Rat Lounge" is a dead rat that decomposed in a reclining position, so the Dufala Brothers built him a sofa to lounge on, then taking this a step further they titled the piece, "Rat Lounge". This was a perfect alignment of comedy, art and materials. Using the title to further layer the joke is a one-liner only art can produce. The end result being an appropriated, readymade, hand-made, art object using meta humor. Then there's that sofa in the back corner which also fuses materials with a one-liner, but it's just so apparent that it's dumb. "Yeah, I get it, don't sit on insulation. Um, ok, I won't. Wait, but it's a couch!" This is when I start to wonder, "How high were these guys when they thought of that one?". Of course I am all for recreational use of drugs, but I would suggest writing down what you were thinking while you were high and then re-evaluating that later on when you're not high. Now if you're always high, well, good luck with that one.
    Speaking of taking notes while your high, there's also the "FREE WALL" section of the exhibit. There's a table stacked with folders right next to the "Free Wall" for you to take your art home with you labeled, "Dufala Brothers - Haverford 2010". This was a nice touch, it gives added value to the action of getting something for free. The folders make you feel like you should really take care of this, especially since Cantor Fitzgerald isn't exactly the Guggenheim and the Dufala Brothers aren't exactly Felix Gonzalez Torres. Being able to take a piece of artwork away from an exhibition is something every human has a right to experience, but can artists think of a different way to do this? Some have actually. The worst part is that the wall is covered with dicks and toilets. I mean I like dicks and toilets, who doesn't? And if it weren't for all the useless tool sculptures ("Small Shears") throughout the exhibit I would probably think these guys are total a-holes, but no, they must have an impotency problemy or fear one, which is why they're obsessed with dicks, too. Ok, there is more there than just dicks and toilets. I got a drawing of two female torso's with chicken wings for arms, whose legs and heads have been amputated. The text reads, "BZZZZZZZ. SIZZZZZLLLEE. BIG OLD DINNER REAL NICE." I'm a sucker for psychopaths.
    Across from the 'Free Wall" there's cut-outs from the newspaper's sports section with special edits done by the artists in sharpie. They're funny. On a personal level I enjoyed them because this was a past time I'm sure most bored teenagers have done, defacing the daily news. I also felt with these, for some reason, that both brothers had actually worked on these...together. I can't really pin point why, only that the act of doing something so simple must be to entertain each other. And yeah, it's boys and sports and spears and dragons and identifying all that!!!! There's more drawings throughout the show, but they're really boring in a way like more of, "oh, I get it.", but in 2D. So is this show worth seeing? AB-SO-LOOT-LY! These guys just might need a better editor. Not everything you shit out is a work of art, er, less is more.

    List of work that makes visit worth it:
    1. Rat Lounge
    2. Purple Chicken
    3. $$$
    4. Chicken Choker
    5. Terry Adams Stab
    6. Extra Leg
    7. Free Wall
    8. Jogging Students

  3. They sound like the people behind artbakakage. I mean dicks and shit and think their funny but not ha ha ha. Just saying.


  4. Oh, come on beth. I thought this was funny. And it’s a positive review :-) Sorta. I guess. Also I don’t see the word “insider” once in this thing. “Chicken” 3 times, “insider” 0, “anonhole” 0.

    Besides, if we’re going to play guessing games as to who wrote this, I’d put my money on THEartblahg admin.

  5. Beth wrote it or Annette her lady friend. No, it's Beth the administrator. Yep.


  6. Hello artblahg :) I rate your chances of being correct at somewhere around zero.

    How’s your afternoon treating you?

  7. We all know it's you Beth, why try and lie about it? Do you think you can hide your writing style? Speaking of a good editor, much...


  8. As usual, VR's commenting all over this shiz.


  9. I don’t bring your real identity up much, artblahg, because I do think it’s kind of beside the point. I will note that your obsession with outing your critics almost certainly points to a revenge motive, which to some extent validates the ID others have made.

    Otherwise, why so creepy obsessive about it? Just saying.

    And no, usage of that phrase does not automatically make me Beth :-)

  10. We received the email from an address that could not be found in search. Also, even if we did know, we would still publish it anonymously...but we don't.

    And- funny thing- we've asked for review submissions for months and this is the first one we've received.

  11. I think "we're" all on the fence with this one! LOL :)

  12. I think whoever wrote the review did a great job! Maybe they should start their own blog using their real name and go up against the tired monopoly of theartblog.org. If you took the time to do this why not go for it? We will all support you and the galleries will be happy to buy your ads. Just sayin'.


  13. who is theartblahg?


  14. agreed: brain damage.

  15. Beth Virgil Roberta Libby Rob Dustin Jong Annette Ed Edith Robin Shaun and Richard…

    …where the fuck did you put my tinfoil hat?

    Cause I know you took it. Fuckers.

  16. oh and btw WIN for whoever wrote this post and for the admin generally. I know it probably seems like we’re not looking, but we are. Shit’s fucking funny.

  17. We need less things like the shitartblahg and more like awesometheartblahg.

  18. hah haha hah hah ha! Vince, you suck!

  19. There's been a cover-up.

  20. Yes let us all of us gather and have a pickdick on the lawn of Ivy Towers for White Youths Unvershitty AND HAVE FUN!!!! No matter that there are 2 wars your gov is fighting wit children your own ages who can't afford a fancy ass finishing school for elites like you can. Let us use materials harmfool to other people's environment, YES! How about instead you do a public asskissing session of exectutits from ICA and PMA and finish up wit an orgy with Libby and Roberta and Robin. Better bring plenty of lube. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GroZZ!

    It is a nice weekend you can do it then instead of helping to get people elcected into gov who won't take away your free grant money paid by the leftwingers and all taxslayers. And the grants all the insider art institutions get. Those Rightees are angry and are taking back their white country club

    U kiddies really are brain stained with privilege and stupidity.

    lovvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee ya!!!!!!!!!!! Anon: I yam what I yam. Toot toot

  21. Oh noes! We’ve been totally pwned!

    Except…I don’t understand the argument you’re making.

    Was there one?

  22. Vince, you write a blog that complains about insiderism in a city no bigger than the district of Brooklyn. Eat your words, asswipe.

  23. If disaggregated from NYC, Brooklyn would be the 4th largest city in the US. Not for long though - Houston’s catching up.

  24. vince, vince, vince, the leftwingers only fund the insiders. you're posing an argument FOR the teaparty. instead of those shit ass pour paintings why don't you paint a few christine o'donnell portraits for her campaign? now there's someone who makes a strong argument against insiders. you guys are on the same wavelength.

  25. oh, our boy has a piece at a show coming up at the Esther Klein Gallery. Anyone ready to review it? Also, just surfing around, found that Mr. LemonJello has had a piece accepted by a gallery in Brooklyn- also to be shown at Mass MoCA. http://romanblog2.blogspot.com/2010/10/virtual-public-art-philadelphia.html
    Felt compelled to tell the gallery folks about this blog and forward them the citipaper link with all the comments. Just fair to give them a heads up in case they do something VR doesn't like, what might get written about them.

    Have a nice day, V.

  26. Tipical haters. Trying to ruin Mr. V's career is nothing new for yous. From what you say it didn't work before and won't again. It also goes contrary to all the remarks that he is a loser like yous.

    We call what you are doing Blackfisting: something your far right whacko frenz of yore perpathated on artists, filmmakers etc. Interesting to see the same thing going on here in fillytowne.

    We feel comphelled to reciprochate and attack some of your frenz, but we aren't nearly as low as yous.

    The true colors of you haters get's redder by the day.

    Anon unlike yous

  27. darling,

    wouldn't THINK of ruining anything about you. if you are so very proud of your righteous work against all of those "haterz", why not let the world know? spread those ideals of yours world wide; after all, why hide when you are so correct about what you're thinking, and about how you express it? I'm sure they'll all want to join the crusade along with you, since no doubt you've checked to see that your new art friends aren't among the dreaded haterz, artards, wannabeez,insiderz, or fascshit brownshit righties that roam these pages. Hardly blacklisting. The opposite! Let the whole world in on just what you think of your fellows in the art community! Bravo, Vincent! Bravo!

    Oh, and by the way, when you call yourself "Mr.V", you sound like you've gotten a gig as hairdresser to the blue-haired old ladies up in Willow Grove.

  28. Fellow Anons,

    We told you that this blahg was just helping Vincent. If you look at his cv he already is a national artist and has been since the beginning. If he copped to threalartblahg he would be even more famous. By you giving him credit for that too you are only elevating and encouraging him or her or them. If people go to the Robin Rice outing he says clearly he's not the one. And his blog makes an argument against everything we are saying against him here.

    So stop unless you want to help mellowyellow even more. HAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    "The Biggest Losers"


  29. Yeah, if you look at Vincent's blog and webpage he looks more than normal, like he's an insider himself. He made videos at the PMA and Print Center and a lot of galleries and plugs shit for the local Phila. scene. Maybe we should stick to having fun, Shiva, you sick bitch ahole feminazi of a witch Sara O'Donnell freakoid halloweenhardon looney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahaahh!!!!!!!! We're down da shore, cum and git us weirdo freakz!!!!!!!!! The Phillys Rule YIPPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are no. 1 RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH RAH Art Templars GO GOGOGOG GOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Am Anhole

  30. You ain’t the admin or me, artblahg.

    And while I think your argument’s crap - the last thing you want is for artblahg to be tied to VR - I don’t see much point in going down the “vinnie vinnie vinnie" road. We all know who you are, who cares? I don’t. I’ve never met you.

    But I do know you’re an asshole :-)

    It’s gorgeous out. Get out in the sun, asshole, while it still lasts. Vitamin D is good for you and all that.

  31. U R a limp male wackoff if you think I am going to lay down for this kind of abuse from a no ballz artard like u. You act like you own this cesspool and try and direct commentary to your way of shitting and I am sick of it!!!!!!!!! Me and my female troup wh run this town are not going to be happy until we win every single grant and run every single gallery and co-op in Phila. We just won the Pew and will continue to leave no male prisoners. So don't fuck with me or my girls buddy by.

  32. Ya Binnie get a life. We are far superior than you and we have the power to attack you and your family and your career and we will again over and over until someone cums here and reads this cesspool. We are sure once they review this smelly place and then Binnie's blog and cv and works that they will be on theartblahg's brown stained side. Who is more credible after all!!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Go out and jump a sheep while it's still warm enough outside, that's who I am going to do.


  33. What’s up, loser? Too embarrassed now to use “artblahg” as your sig? Or is this some kind of super-tricky subterfuge?

    The problem with impersonating someone convincingly is that you have to do a credible job of not sounding like yourself - at a bare minimum. You’re too angry to ever sound like anyone else.

    Seriously, man, sun’s going down. You can still get out of your cave, there’s time yet.

  34. Also, why does Shaun keep coming up? Seriously, I want to know. What did he do to you?

  35. I AM Shiva Anon HoeOctober 9, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Just spent quality time wit a sheep Shiva. Much better than you would ever bee. Maybe goat would work for you. HAve a nice weekend freakoid haters. We will busy doing what real artists do unlike yous Phillies bar hoping no talent lazy ass suburban white yoot insider wannabees that backup your smelly shrill artmumz.criminals. We are just starting to have fun with you who are going down. Fillytowne is done, you are done. Keep payin' those expensive loans off that you thought would be paid off quick-like cause you were going to be artstarz with the help of Libby and Rotard and Robin rice who are all washed up grannies who were never anybody who you have to make believe you can stomach i the hopes they will mention your fart of a show at some undisclosed place that's open once a month. Maybe Annetoilless will review you once a month and some collector will buy one of your lillyputten 12" pieces for $150 dollars L'American dollar in deeklein, har.

    Ebjoy the weakend of your life.

    Shiva the destroyer Anon I am Not

  36. "We will busy doing what real artists do”

    Spending a whole year writing cognitively impaired, bilious, hateful screeds against everything and everyone in Philly doesn’t make you a real artist. It makes you an asshole.

    If you approached the endeavor with any sense of real humor or irony we might be able to read it as satire. You haven’t, so we can’t.

    If you offered any real alternatives to the current state of affairs beyond a “boycock” of your hate-target-of-the-day (usually devastatingly misguided), you would be providing some value. You haven’t, so you don’t.

    What are we left with, when we examine the travesty of artblahg?


    Oh, and I still don’t know why you give a shit about Shaun.

  37. Shaun Baer is the bat-shit crazy writer from the deefunked funghole pages that is associated with this hate blahg, whose only mission is to kiss establickment dicks and go after one lone artist day after day. If you look back to that piece-o-shit it resembles this toilet on so many levels. then there is Don Wong at the Fleisher, he's here, Dustin and Austin (why do youa all have pussy suburban names, wha't wrong wit Joe?

    Our boycock of the evil elites is working, it looks like a ghost towne, out dare HHhahahhhahahaaaeeeheehehheeehee!!!!!!! One stinkin' individual grant for one artist for an entire year!!!!!!! We have been the ones who came out strongest against the changes and were the only ones saw this routing cummin'. There is nothing to do except bring it all down. What else, write your congressman, or Mr. Rub at PMA, we did that for yous, did you write him yet? We broadcast the problems daily, what r u doing? FU. U help them all by giving them free banner ads which is a form of endorsing their unethical selfass behavior.

    Question: what does one do in a web toilet?

    Answer: plop plop plop, smelly gas goes here, plop, splat, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

    Admin (Beth)

  38. That’s got to be the most lame-ass reasoning I’ve ever heard :-)

  39. Your old pal ShivaOctober 10, 2010 at 6:50 PM

    Sun's going down, just came home, time to check artb's temperature. Whoops! Still feverish, eh Vinnie? Or did what I said just piss you off? You put hate out there into the world, pretend it isn't hate, pretend it isn't you and so forth. Threaten people when you DON'T EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE and vilify people who you may not agree with in a degrading, personal, and hateful way. I can't even say taste a dose of your own medicine, since I didn't put out hate-filled slanderous lies about you. I just pointed some people in the art world of someplace other than the hateful "Fillytown" to your online work. I AM ANON acts as Jiminey Cricket and is my conscience in trashing you too much. I thought you were proud of what you put out there. If you don't want "outsiderz" to know what you write and what you spew, quit it. If you're not proud, then maybe you should stop.

    But you won't.

    Oh, and just for the record: you ain't Shiva, pal... you're still the same old assclown you've always been.

  40. Shiva Da Smelly OneOctober 11, 2010 at 8:15 AM

    u r pushing us to escaejaculate on your frenz by contacting their supporters if we find out you have done that to your target of hate or anyone else. Remember that u r responsible directly for the use of real names in the first place Robin, we mean Shiva. You used Citypaper and out right lied using a scapegoat for your ugly frenz and now they will forever be searchable on dee net. Good job. Now you want us to kick it up another knotch?

    U obviously care only about yourself and your bruised ego has made you a bigger fool than you already were. Everyone here backs up the unethical elitist machine that has brought the scene to it's knees for everyone but the few. We are here to remind the outsiderz and expose yous, the insiderz.

    If we hear one word that any artist has been affected by your efforts we will step up and target Dustin, Shaun, Jong Kyu Kim, Beth, Dick and all the other big mouths that you call your frenz. We warned you before and look what happened when you were selfish. All of your frenz will be searchable forever and bee known for eternitities as the low lifes dah r.

    We are on top Robin, we mean Shiva. U r the lowiest creepoidz of dee art world.

  41. Dunno if it’s of any relevance, but for the record:

    I have never met any of the above people personally. So it’s no skin off my back if you attack them. Besides which, didn’t you already do that? Those hate blogs are still up I think.

    Anyhow…um…whatever :-) They just make you look bad, you know.

  42. Yeah, and yous smell like Rosie, frumundda. You brought this on your frenz, not us. Try and pivot all you like, in the end they know it. Shaun.

    We have tracked this ip to your job in Kensington using gps from our phone, DUH. How stupid do you think you r? Answer, berry, berry Shaunie. We know you don't like your personall page but you were already beaten up and asked for more. Looks like you are asking for yet another whoopin' big boy. Stupid is when you keep making the same mistakes over and over, or is that artarded?

  43. Hey awesome, way to bolster your stalker cred!

    I don’t work in kensington. Anyhow, how do you track a blogspot.com IP address? They’re in a server farm somewhere.

    Or maybe you mean comments on your blog? Edify me.

  44. FU A-wipe. Ladyfie dis. We know where you work and you know it. Do you want us to publish dee name so people can come have lunch wit yous. Like we said. Be careful who u fuck wit. We have a lot of tools in our trash disposal Robin and Shaun, wake up. You have already tasted what a backlash to your supposed outting has wrought. We are friendly ghosts unless provoked. You should have learned that by now, DUH!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Don’t pretend that any of us here have “forced” you to do anything. You do these things because you like doing them. Be a man and own your own shit.

    And still not Shaun, or Robin. I’ve never met them and have never met you. While I guess I’d be disappointed if you posted personal stuff about Shaun, it guess it’s not like you ever made a hate blog about him or anything.

    Oh yeah. I guess you already did that.

    I do think it’s a bit creepy, imagining you driving around in your car trying to track some dude down with your GPS. And sad.

  46. Your impotence is showing, Vin. It is sad, I AM ANON.

  47. Ever notice this cesspool started at the same time funnelpages.com shut down??? And that Shaun and Jong and Dustin have the same smart ass attitude of the Admin and Ann's here? And poor Beth writes the very long review of the Duffala assholes and about 3 of the 49 comments are about that? HAHAHAHA! BEth keep taking those acting classes, maybe you will get better at "acting" like an artist. And where are you showing currently, all of you foolz? Pay attention and you might learn something.

    Cum to therealartblahg for real content, something painwoefully abscessed from here. Or you could read Robin Rice if she still has a yob, har.

  48. Ever notice this cesspool started in October 2009?


  49. "We have tracked this ip to your job in Kensington using gps from our phone." Wow. That's called stalking. You're fucking crazy, Vince.

  50. "And that Shaun and Jong and Dustin have the same smart ass attitude of the Admin and Ann's here?”

    Actually judging by comments on FunnelPages they seemed more bemused by your blog than anything else, and engaged in some lighthearted banter with you. I imagine they probably feel differently now that you’ve gone all apeshit on their asses in your typical shotgun-in-a-crowded-room-MO. But I really don’t see any stylistic similarities between the anons here and their comments there.

    The beth thing…I kinda doubt she wrote the above, but maybe. Who knows, and who cares? I don’t. I did think it was kinda funny, and it really didn’t have anything to do with you, so I don’t know why you give a shit about it.

  51. You compainit too much Anhole. We have a new trick up our sleeve and are going to unhinge it on Shaun and frenz, Beth will be included too. We have had proof from day one butt thought we would let you slide cause you are still yoots and young and dumb, but not no moe. We are unamuzed. Prepare for the wrath of therealartblahg foolzZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insert whaling and howls here!!!!!!!!!!_____________________________________________________ Stay turned to therealartblahg to reap your slovenly retorts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Seriously, you’re fucked up. I’m sorry that you’re going to be doing…whatever you’re going to be doing. But let’s not pretend that this is anything more than letting loose your rage on convenient targets.

    The only thing any of the above people have in common that I can see is that they all have some kind of online presence. Since you’re too lazy to come out of your hole and come down to Philadelphia, what you can glean online is the sum total of your interaction with the Philly art scene. There is not one single post that I can point to on your site that wasn’t in response to some shit you read online.

    I would point out, in addition, that the last time you went postal with your blogghoreia - the hate blogs devoted to individuals - even you must have recognized that it made you look like a randomly spiteful idiot. You’re not doing yourself any favors.

  53. The common thread with ALL of your interactions - here and on your own blog - is that if it doesn’t happen online, it doesn’t exist. I can’t point to a single post on your blog that wasn’t in response to some shit you found online. Like these people.

    These are targets out of convenience - they’re what you find when you google yourself. I really can’t help you if you can’t recognize that about yourself.

    By the way, the last time you went postal with all those hate blogs, it didn’t exactly help your cred. Nobody likes an asshole, remember?

  54. So those that back the insiderz are the victims and therealartblahg is bad by exposing their bullshit. But you r good with your suckazz banner adz. Trust us, the "have -nots" know what is happening. They know when they have a solo show at a good gallery and get zero press while the Templars and Vox take no prisoners. theartmumz.smorg has been eviserhated for the crimes they commshit. True that therealartblahg comments on dee news, DUH. What does the Onion do, duh?

    We are art actifitz and go after the idiot policies like the secret Pew nominators. Who r u trying to f'n kid. You are just plain studip. U can talk to your little band of elite simplethighzers.

    As for other content u have a very short wick, we mean memory. We won't waste our time on dat. Cum look and u will see. We know u r additckted and look everyday, to say otherwise is just another big fat lie, hee!

  55. Okay. Let’s break this down.

    "So those that back the insiderz are the victims and therealartblahg is bad by exposing their bullshit”

    I don’t believe any of the arguments you’ve put forward that Beth, Shaun, Jong (for example) are backing insiders, are victims, or that you’re actually exposing any bullshit. On all three points, you fail. I get that Beth works for artblog.org but since I don’t believe artblog.org is THE ENEMY, that doesn’t really mean much to me. They don’t cover everything, they often retread the same ground, but they are not evil, and any critique that starts from that premise is not going to get any cred from me. Much less the idea that anyone even remotely connected with them is a nazi sympathizer or whatever.

    "But you r good with your suckazz banner adz.”

    They’re not mine (not my blog), but I happen to think that a lot of the folks on the right are stand-up orgs who deserve better than a mealymouthed bitter little troll.

    "Trust us, the "have -nots" know what is happening. They know when they have a solo show at a good gallery and get zero press while the Templars and Vox take no prisoners.”

    I think we can agree press is uneven.

    "theartmumz.smorg has been eviserhated for the crimes they commshit.”

    By you? That’s fucking laughable. A. Look at your stats versus theirs. People vote with their browsers dude, and you lost.

    "True that therealartblahg comments on dee news, DUH.”

    My point was that you only cover what you can find in google search and news feed because you never leave your cave and come down to Philadelphia. This explains why your targets are all people who happen to have some kind of online life, and why reading your blog is like reading cranky letters from some retiree to his local paper.

    "What does the Onion do, duh?” Satire, which you’ve managed to avoid doing for a year.

    "We are art actifitz and go after the idiot policies like the secret Pew nominators. Who r u trying to f'n kid. You are just plain studip. U can talk to your little band of elite simplethighzers.”

    PEW, yes, worth critiquing, though I’ll point out that you got it all wrong - the secret Pew nominators were NONE of the usual suspects. Characteristic of the way you misidentify the root problem of so many things.

    "As for other content u have a very short wick, we mean memory. We won't waste our time on dat.”

    Oh please. I’m not going to waste time either. But we both know how you operate, however you’d like to paint the reality otherwise.

    Here’s what I think:

    I think that at some point you simply felt like the injured party one too many times in the Philly art scene, and decided to lash out, in a pretty ugly way. It’s mean spirited and weird, but you don’t really have any altruistic desire to “improve” Philadelphia. You’ve said way too many times “Fuck you Philly” in so many words for any gesture to “fix” things to be sincere.

    You’re just mouthing the words. It’s not your real motive.

    Your real motive is revenge.

  56. I started to write a really long, point-by-point response to this, but you know what? No time to argue with mental marshmallows. So the short version:

    You’re an asshole.

    See, you can save a lot of time that way. Why don’t you just reply:

    “Insiderz elite anonhole!!!!”

    And then I can reply:

    “Still an asshole.”

    If we keep it short we can accomplish much more and pick up the pace a bit. Keep the responses under 5 words, please.

  57. oh, it's heating up. get me some popcorn, will ya please?

  58. That was 11 words. One demerit.

    Fuck, that was 6. One demerit for me.

  59. artblahg vs I AM ANON; let's party!

    (I AM ANON counts as 1 word)

  60. I think Elvis has left

  61. the room. Come back asshole!

  62. Let him go! I'm good.

  63. But…I was just getting

  64. …started!

    Don’t interrupt.

  65. u've outed yourselves?

  66. ^^^^

    Welcome back, artblahg!

  67. @artblahg: Nah, I’m really Vince.

  68. admin and commenters here: anti-asshole brigade.

  69. I know that was six words.

  70. @8:55 I now take that personally. Prepare for doom to be unleashed on you. Or youse? Yous. I can never get that Philly accent right.

    And yes, I get more than 5 words. I deserve more. You owe me.

  71. Hm-mmm. I think maybe I scared the golum when I said I was sending links to his blog AND this blog AND the Citypaper article to folks v.r. mentions on his "out" blog. Think that's possible? Think he finally shut his mouth? It's awfully quiet...

  72. No way. He's a train wreck.

  73. Naw, I’m just recovering from thhhhhe orgasmic release of “revengifying” all of my boogeymen and women in one crazy ass post.

    I do feel better now, but now I’m hhhhhhhaving trouble getting all the splooge off my keyboard; a whole bunch of it has gummed up my HHHHH key, which makes doing my fake laughhhhhh thing hhhhard.


    Sorry. My finger slipped.


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