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Tonight's Pale & Parts Walking Adventure promises to be an exciting outing for all of us who find ourselves not making it to First Fridays in the summer because of the overly exhausting hordes of hipsters and out-of-towners alike. A new initiative forged by MAP, a local organization striving to bridge the gap between visual artists and auto mechanics, the tours provide the perfect combination of drinking and observation, without all of the pretension surrounding the all-too-familiar (and stale) gallery openings.

For the low price of $50 a person, you can sign up for tonight's tour which offers rides in souped-up vintage GMs & a six-pack of Mickey's hand grenades for each participant. The rides will focus on the famed murals of center city, imagery that brings tourists from abroad to revel in Philadelphia's rich cultural history. The most important stop, however, will be at City Hall - to visit their inaugural exhibition On The Rise celebrating local emerging artists.


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