Food for Thought OR Art Food

Every once in a while, we think about how beautiful food can be and how there is a growing community of people who consider master chefs to be professional visual artists at the same time. With Jose Garces' recent crowning as the new Iron Chef, it brings Philadelphia even closer to becoming both the visual arts & contemporary cuisine arts mecca of the greater Northeast.

Food and art have long gone hand in hand - I mean, what does "starving artist" really mean? We know (for damn sure) that the only way that anyone makes it big as even an 'emerging' artist nowadays is to come from money, to literally have been swimming in wealth from the moment they pass by their mother's thighs, straight on their way to making it big in New York, with galleries in Chelsea fighting for their attention. To be successful, you have to be knowledgeable about both haute cuisine and high art. They go hand & hand, period.

So with that comes the new breed of artist (as touched on before in our "Fried Art" section) who appropriates their appreciation for their expensive palate to their artistic talent and, essentially, turns their palette into a plain white porcelain plate that becomes something altogether beautifully inedible. Kudos to those new artists, we hope to see more of your "arrangements" in our galleries - and less in our restaurants, we want to be able to eat your works, not critique their plating.


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